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“The Hottest Vice President from the coolest state”

Come on News Media! This has to be a record for a Vice President candidate to be nominated and not give an interview for the public.

In fact Sarah Palin has only repeated the lies she told at the Republican Convention because she knows the News media has no backbone and will not call her on it.


It’s well documented she was for the bridge to nowhere until it became politically unpopular. Yet, she still took over 10 millions dollars from the project and spent it on pet projects throughout Alaska. Will someone in the news media please ask her to explain and stop lying?

As Mayor of Wasilla, she left her small town 20 million dollars in debt and as Governor she sold the state’s airplane at a lost and not on ebay. By the way, that plane was used for other state business like transporting Alaskan prisoners to be housed in other states because Alaska is out of jail space.

She also killed a state run program that would provide shelter for abused young women, while knowing that Alaska has the highest level of incest rape cases in the nation.

There was a case last year in the news that talked about a 17 year old promising high school football player that was sent to jail for having oral sex with a 15 year old girl who under oath, testified it was her ideal and she talked him into having consensual sex. In light of this case, is it possible someone broke the law by getting her underage daughter pregnant?

Do what I say and not what I do, that’s the motto of “the hottest vice president candidate from the coolest state.” Hey that’s not my saying, I saw that on a campaign button at the Republican convention.


Presidential Polling with 59 days to go and counting

Now comes the good part. Now comes the time when all political junkies are overdosing on polling stats.

There are more polls than you can shake a stick at and many of them are full of bunk and a lot at them are very effective and active. My main problem with the polling statistics is I refuse to pay for these educational guess.


Being fairly proficient in net surfing I have decided to conduct my own Internet research on polling stats and from time to time present my findings to you in an article. I want to focus on key battle ground states or on hotly contested races at the state level.

My research tells me that the race is as everyone is predicting, very tight. In general Obama is leading McCain 51% to 48%. This roughly equates to elect Oriel votes equal aim 276 for Obama and 260 electoral votes for McCain. However, the race seems to be trending in Obama’s favor. Some red states can now be considered turning blue for Obama. states that have shifted towards the Democrats are Nevada and New Mexico. Also, North Carolina is trending towards Obama.

Recent Nevada State polls place Obama as high as 50% to McCain’s 45%. State polling shows a somewhat mixed review. CNN puts the race at 49% to 44% for Obama. the Mason Dixon poll shows McCain leading with 45% to 39%. Rasmussen shows a statistical tie with Obama hat 44% and McCain at 43%.

State and national polls in New Mexico are both leaning towards Obama. CNN shows 53% to 48% for Obama and Rasmussen shows 48% to 44% for Obama. Overall, Obama is leading by 7-8%

John McCain is currently projected to be leading by 3.9% in North Carolina. However, the race does appear to be tightening. State polls show McCain leading by as much as 46% to 40%. But, the majority of national polls show Obama leading on the average 50% to 45%

Nevada, New Mexico, and North Carolina should have been safe states for McCain. Now with the race tightening, McCain will have to spend time resources defending or taking back the states. If Obama can continue to open a lead in these states, he just may grow some coattails and help local and state level democratic candidates win in the fall.


Pit Bull with Lipstick

Rant Alert, do not read this if you are a Conservative. For two nights I have watched loser after loser parade across the TV screen and try to persuade me to vote for another loser.

John McCain is a lost soul. He is not the man he once was and his story is that of thousands of veterans of less fortune and fame. I have three uncles that served, fought, and killed in Vietnam in defense of this nation and not one time have I ever heard them exploit their service for gain.kozmo1.jpg
Because of John McCain’s family connections, he was given the choice to leave Vietnam, thousands of POWs never received that opportunity and thousands remain unaccounted for. John McCain did his job with honor but his current actions demean that service. How many John McCains sleep on the streets all across America and are just burned-out on life because those cheering McCain supporters step over them and around them and screen back “get a job you bum!’

What a sham of a party. These mindless bunch of sheep screaming “drill baby drill!” They have been getting drilled for the past eight years and pulling the rest of us right along with them. Hello Conservatives, what do you thing Big Oil has been doing? They have been drilling all of us to the tune of record multi billion dollar profits.

And now you want Democrats and Independents to support a Vice President candidate that my military service has qualified me more than her to be VP. Governor Palin bragged about firing a chef and selling the state of Alaska’s jet on ebay. I guest it doesn’t matter to her that Alaska is not connected to the continental states. Rude, crude, mocking, and condescending, she spoke down to every person that holds an opposing opinion. Governor Palin didn’t even use Obama’s name and she just reached across the table and slapped every Democrat, Liberal, and Independent in the face. Thanks, but no thanks.