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Mac FanBoy looking for hookup in BWI

So there I sat, looking at the perfectly apple shaped butt of the lady laying next to me. She had come much sooner than I and had taken the best seat at this end of BWI (Baltimore Washington International) airport, that was next to an available electrical outlet. My battery was running low and I needed a hookup bad.


As a side note, women are quite amazing in the fact that this lady was dead asleep, but somehow managed to wake up on queue, glare at me for admiring her ample asset, and go right back to sleep, blocking what I was really desiring, the only electrical outlet.

Seeing no chance of using this outlet, I packed up my portable office and headed off in search of another hookup. Everything I pasted was either in use or it looked like someone had taken a drill to the socket holes and stretched they to the point were everything just fell out. I continued down the corridor and continued to encounter stretched out holes. I started to think that the airport had done this on purpose until finally, I came across an available outlet that appeared to be in working order because one of the outlets was in use and the other was free.

I plopped down uncomfortably close, next to a fellow Geek, hastily unpacked my Mac Book, let the magnetic power code snap into place; and guided my power code thankfully into the waiting outlet. It slide in and out of the outlet. WTF, I tried again with the same in out result. Flipped the cord upside down and still it would stay in. Damn, this outlet’s holes were also to big for my plug. A quick check of my fellow Geeks connection finally reviled to me the problem. All the outlets that I had found, were stretched to fit PC power adapters only. Foul!

Salvation came in the form of a PC docking station area with proper outlets. Finally plugged in with only 30 minutes to go before my connecting flight, my Mac Book was getting charged. One final side note, were a lot of airports charge for it, some are giving wifi connections away for free. You can get it for free in Phoenix and Salt Lake City.


Thanksgiving canceled

Did anyone besides me miss the memo explaining why Thanksgiving was canceled this year? I mean, I always knew it would come to this, just look at how we’ve been treating Thanksgiving over the past few years. Surely you noticed it too? How Halloween and Christmas just kept getting closer and closer, crowding out poor old forgotten Thanksgiving until it was completely gone.

Like most of you, this is a busy time of the year for my family. I live in a houseful of Scorpios and our birthdays are mostly bunched between Halloween and Thanksgiving, so we are out with the masses; shopping early (I hate shopping). That’s when I first noticed the cancellation of Thanksgiving. Most major outlet displays were going from Jack-o-lanterns to Elves. Being somewhat punch-drunk from the whole 1108443.jpgshopping experience, it took me a few outings to notice the Turkey was missing. Where was that Turkey getting the Presidential pardon? OK, maybe GW will still spare some bird’s neck form the chopping block, but have you seen the Turkey with the Pilgrim’s hat advertised anywhere?

Less we forget here’s a brief summary of Thanksgiving; Pilgrims from England were on their second try of establishing a Massachusetts settlement in the New World. The first had starved to death and this second lot wasn’t fairing much better. Lucky for them, they were aided by a Native American named Squanto, who taught them how to catch eel, grow corn, and many other survivor skills. In 1621, after their first big harvest, the Governor of Plymouth invited the Wampanoag nation to feast that is now mostly represented by Thanksgiving. Officially, President George Washington signed into law, Thanksgiving in 1789 in recognition of God’s providence in the events of our nation.

If Washington thought it was a big deal, who the hell canceled it? I’m guessing “Big Business.” They just don’t make enough money on Thanksgiving. During Halloween, they make a butt-load of money on all the Freddy Kruegers, Dick Cheneys, and Mr Eds that scare kids while drinking zombies. Christmas is so commercialized that we don’t even call it Christmas anymore; that leaves Thanksgiving as the weakest link and this year it just got voted off the Island.

Don’t kid yourself this year when you are eating that big Thanksgiving meal and sitting stuffed in front of the TV; trying to stay awake and watch a Bowl Game. They are just fattening you up for the new holiday, the Thanksgiving Big Business replacement, Black Friday.


Sacrifices from the Old Guard

We are a proud people and our pride shines brightest to the rest of the world when we speak of our Forefathers. Form the founding fathers to the greatest generation, our chests swell with pride when we recite their sacrifices and selflessness in protecting our way of life and standing up for the average Joe.

Nor are we blind to the appalling crimes against humanity that have been committed by our Nation. Many of our Forefathers spoke out against these acts from George Washington upon his death, freeing his slaves, to Lincoln, to LBJ sacrificing the democratic support from southern voters by signing the Civil Rights Act of 1964.


When the constitution and our way of life were threaten from within, these men stood at the vanguard and sacrificed their political careers to do the right thing. And now our generation is facing threats from within and the question is; are the political leaders of today willing to make the same sacrifices? It’s their turn to stand at the vanguard and if need be, sacrifice their political careers to protect our way of life from the threats within.

John Warner, Hillary Clinton, Alan Specter, Barack Obama, Olympia Snowe, Joe Biden, Richard Lugar, Harry Reid, Chuck Hagel, Byron Dorgan, Bernie Sanders, and Lindsey Graham, it is time that you stand-up against this administration and stop this assault on our constitution. Hasn’t our great nation suffered enough? Haven’t you noticed our world standing sliding to the bottom of free speech, human rights, voter rights, education, health care, national debt and trade deficits? Can’t you see you are being played for a fool?

As you sit indecisive in your actions Nancy Pelosi and John Boehner, the world around us is spiraling into chaos. Put all options back on the table and run the government by the books, with the checks and balances of each branch of government in place. Your greatest asset is the power of the purse. Use it.

Everyday American families, neighbors, co-workers, and friends sacrifice life and limb because our nation has called upon their service. They answered and now they need you, their Senators and Congresspersons to fight at the vanguard for them against this administration. It is your responsibility to make sure they can return home to the democracy they left.


Hell Freezes Over – Cheney to be Impeached?

The day started like most, Dennis “the Elf” Kucinich was pushing his Dick “Darth Vader” Cheney impeachment papers and Nancy “get that off my table” Pelosi was politely rejecting it.

But Dennis had asked extra nice today and said if they voted it up or down within the next two days, he may drop the hold thing.


Nancy set Steny “the hound dog” Hoyer to the task and he quickly accepted and moved to vote to table the whole thing. The intent was to show they supported Dennis, but kill it and take it off the table. The vote proceeded as planned with the majority of Republicans and most Democrats voting to table the whole Darth Vader impeachment thing. And then it happened, Hell froze over.

It’s not certain if John “don’t make me cry again” Boehner was drunk or just felt like sticking it to the Democrats, but he decided to vote in favor of impeachment. The word quickly spread on the right side of the aisle and all the Republicans switched their votes to impeach their Republican Vice President. The world has truly gone mad because the majority of Democrats voted not to impeach and the majority of Republicans voted to impeach. The final vote was 218 to 194, to send the resolution to the Judiciary Committee!

Did we just see the Republican Party throw the VIP under the bus? Some would only wish. It’s more like we are watching a poorly played game of chess. The Republicans are looking to shame the Democrats for bringing this up in “a time of war.” But, they may have miscalculated because Vader only has a 9% approval rating. No one likes him and most, on both sides want to see him gone. The vote now moves to committee and we will just have to see what happens next week.


9 Seconds in the life of a Soldier

1091612.jpgWailing best describes the sound of sirens or a high pitched screech that climbs in decibels as time passes. 1 second passes. But this was no time to think, training kicks in and his body starts to go though the motions that would possibly save his life.

His world goes dark as his eyes snap shut and he cuts off breathing, holding his breath as trained. His left hand swiftly slides down the side of his body and grasps the flap of his chemical mask bag in a death grip. 2 seconds pass.

With his left hand, he rips open the bad and his right hand plunges inside and seizes the alien shaped face mask and wrenches it free. 3 seconds pass.

The straps and the cover falls forward and free from the mask as his right hand glides it into place over his face. 4 seconds pass.

With all the power in his lungs, he blows and empties his last good lungful of air into his mask, squeezing out the contaminated air from the sides of his face mask. His lungs are empty. 5 seconds pass.

His left hand glides back up the side of his body to the top of his head and tugs a handful of scraps down the back of his head. Fingers work franticly to pull and tighten each individual scrap that seats his mask in place on his face. 6 seconds pass.

His hands make a crisscross motion in front of his body, securing the last to scrapes in place and he takes his first rapid breath and quickly exhales hard again into the mask to check his seal. 7 seconds pass.

His eye lenses are all fogged up from his breath and will be slow to clear, but he can see enough to locate his buddy. 8 seconds pass.

They turn to each other and start to check one another’s scraps, covers, and placement of their gas mask; making adjustments as necessary. 9 seconds pass. In less than a minute they will know if their training has saved their lives.

If you are fortuned enough today to pass by a veteran, it would be nice to thank them for their service and sacrifice; because in my opinion, they have defiantly earned a few seconds of our time.


Hating on Hillary

I know what Gingrich tells people privately, I know what DeLay tells people privately, I know what Karl Rove tells people privately,” she said. “I’m the one person they are most afraid of. Bill and I have beaten them before, and we will again.

– Hillary Clinton, February 2007


OK, here we go. I thought I could put this article off for a few months, but seeing how the “Swift Boating” has already begun, I guest I have to catch-up. Why all the hate for Hillary? Really, has she done anything that no other politician hasn’t done? Are you looking for a cookie cooking, baby watching, stay at home politician wife? That’s not Hillary. She is as tuff as a $2 Waffle House Steak, meaner that a pissed off Wolverine, and every bit as smart a politician as her soul-mate Bill Clinton.

With the exception of a brief break in 2006, the Conservatives have been kicking the Democrats asses non-stop. They have cheated us out of two presidential elections, still not counted all the votes in Florida and Ohio, and obstructed every piece of legistration this Democratic controlled Congress has put forth. It’s time for childish payback, it’s time to ram the Clintons back down their throats.

Peter Paul tried to run with the big dogs and got bitten. I grew-up reading Spiderman, the Incredible Hulk, Fantastic Four, Ghost Rider, and all the other popular Marvel Comic book characters. No were did I ever see Peter Paul’s name as a writer or creator of these characters, yet he somehow managed to start a company with this comic book stable of characters? He a moneyman and in my opinion was only looking to turn a quick buck on Stan Lee’s life work. His business deal and Japanese financing fell apart and he lost his company and since 2000 he has been blaming the Clintons. Boo-hoo.

The Clintons are professional politicians and that is not a compliment. Anyone doing business with them, has to know this. Peter Paul wanted to secure the services of Bill Clinton once he left office, and paid top dollar for that chance. Paul’s shady past came to surface to soon and that deal fell though. So now he’s hating on Hillary big-time.

As odd as this may sound, I like Hillary and Bill Clinton. You know what you are getting with them. Although you can’t total control her and she will backslide if you let her, she will more than not, do the right thing. She does care about health care, child care, and women’s rights. She will not drop a bomb on Iran and she will stick-up for average American. We can hold her accountable for stupid votes like the one authorizing this war or the Lieberman bill that has crack open the door for war with Iran. Pressure can be applied to her and she can be made to do the will of the people. And that’s a lot better that what we have, isn’t it? Oh, and she can kick the crap out of every Republican Presidential Candidate.