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Not Celebrating Valentines Day

Today I am not wearing a red shirt because it’s Valentines Day. My red shirt represents all the blood spilled by my brethren poking their fingers on Rose thorns. Don’t think for a minute I bought 24 red roses because its Valentines. My 24 roses represent the 24 hours of sweat some men put in to be able to pay the last minute roadside rose pimp thats going to charge him $5 bucks a rose!


Screw that last minute shopping crap, I’m not having it. So what if I picked up a little something something for the Misses last week. It has nothing to do with Valentines. This expensive bottle of perfume is my ticket out of the dog-house, and I just may hedge my bet a little early to cover March Madness.

With all this Valentines Day hoopla, it’s impossible to find a simple “love you” card that has nothing to do with Valentines. In no way was I looking for a Valentines Day card, I just needed a nice card to go with my 24 hours roses and March Madness get out of the dog house perfume, given in my blood red shirt. So as you can plainly see, I have nothing to do with this corporate commercialized fake holiday called Valentines Day.


The swift-boating of Dennis Kucinich and Party Politics

The news hit me like and urgent call in the middle of the night about a dear friend being in an accident. How could this be happening and why to him? When it comes to championing the people’s cause, Dennis is a trooper and although he is no longer in the presidential race, his message is sounded loud and clear of the lips of Obama and Hillary.


A soft spoken small statue of a man, he dominated the issues that really matter to middle America. His no nonsense performances in the early debates commanded such respect that the party bosses worked him out of the later debates. Party Politics were used to declare his candidacy a joke simply because he ran it out of his kitchen with no big money funding or backing. The party bosses said, “You can’t run a presidential candidacy out of your home.” They declared his candidacy invalid and uninvited him to the debates.

Dennis Kucinich has been fighting political corruption all his life and he was not going to take this. He fought back within the party and finally took his case to the courts during the Nevada debates. Favors were called in and the local courts ruled in NBC’s favor to keep him out of the debates. Dennis fought harder and took his case to the state level courts were he won a 12th hour victory to force his way back into the debates. With literally minutes to go, the party bosses used their ace in the hole and got the federal courts to over rule the lower courts decision, barring Dennis again from the debates.

Blood was now in the water and his old political enemies saw an opportunity to swift-boat him with a well financed challenger for his congressional seat, and here we are. Dennis, a six term representative is currently being outspent 5 to 1 by his establishment backed challenger. To make matters worst, time is running out on him because the primary vote will be held in March.

I’m not in his district and cannot vote, but I can support him financially. Kucinich is a true voice of the people. He voted against the war and all it’s funding appropriations. He is the only one to submit paperwork to impeach Cheney. He wants to establish a department of piece. He has taken no special interest funding and has stated that he would start bringing the troops home day one of his presidency. If these ideas represent your positions, you may want to think about helping a friend in need. If you want to help fund his reelection, please take a moment and support him at the link listed below. I am and I hope you will to.

Re-Elect Dennis Kucinich link

Video message from Kucinich


Yes, he can and why I changed

It’s kinda hard to put my finger on what made me switch from Hillary to Obama. Color was not it and that’s evident of my initial support of Hillary. I didn’t change because it’s Black History Month or the fact that Obama and I have names that start with an O.


Although we are nearly the same age (46 & 45), age didn’t change my mind. Even the fact that my son is a little Barack Obama, a creation of love, an angel given to my wife and I to treasure and rase into a fine man didn’t change my mind.

Peer and family pressure didn’t move me, and it diffidently was not my good friend and debate buddy who is a Professor at Morehouse College. I didn’t have a fallout with Hillary’s policies or get (too) offended with Bill’s borderline racial comments.

I changed for change. Al Gore was my original candidate for change when he ran. Smart and worldly, he was exactly the person to lead the World into a new era of togetherness and environmental awareness. The establishment said he was to smart for us and in the end, the establishment won and change was defeated.

I was an original Howard Dean supporter and he was my next candidate for change. I’m one of the million names on his magic mailing list and I helped push him to the head of the pack through meet-ups and contributions. In the end, an amped up mic and hyped up media did him end and changed didn’t come.

Dean did recover. He took his list and backed by the people, he forced his way into the chairmanship of the Democrat Party. He then wrestled control from the Clinton surrogates and implemented a 50 state strategy that brought the Democrats back to power. This should have been change, but what we got was the same old scared Democrats. Are there any Democrats that are happy with Pelosi and Reed?

Reflecting on all this made me realize, that I couldn’t continue to support the current Democrat establishment and Hillary is their candidate of choice. I still believe she would make a good president and have no problem supporting her if she gets the nomination, but she does not represent change.

I changed my support to Obama because I can’t vote twice and still want real change. I want to start replacing our weak Democrat leadership from the top down. I want Obama’s candidacy to inspire newcomers and let them know that if the represent real change, we will support them. I want my party back and I think Barack Obama can get it back for me. That’s the reason I changed my support to Obama.

PS: If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the “Yes We Can” video here.


America’s Absolution and the Black Struggle

When Christians first came to the Americans, they were on a conquest to expand the old kingdoms of Europe. Kings and Queens from Portugal, Spain, France, and England to name a few, had all commissioned explorers to seek out ways to enrich the Kingdoms under the vague pretends of religion.

They set out across the seas and oceans in search of spice and to spread the gospel. What they ended up finding was gold and poorly defended nations. Burning with gold-fever, these Christian armies resolved that these lands and people were ignorant of the Lord. They therefore, could not govern themselves and must be brought to yield the God’s earthly mandated ruler, the King/Queen.

Under this rule of thought, Natives like the Incas had no rights to their earthly richest because they did not believe in God. Often, a Friar would give them one last chance to repent in English or Latin. It didn’t matter that the Incas didn’t understand what was being said, they had refused to accept the Lord as their savior.


Under this mindset, the Christian armies were given general absolution. General absolution resolved the armies of any sinful acts that would normally condemn them to hell. They could murder, rape, commit genocide, burn, and destroy anyone and anything without putting their souls in pearl of going to hell.

The result of this unabated power was that they caused hell on earth for those that were annexed, indoctrinated, or concord. Under this self anointed mindset, African American ancestors had to survive. When you stop and thing about the hell they had to endure, ones eyes swell with tears at the same time your heart has to swell with pride and respect for their endowment to endure. My ancestors were a great people and their contributions shine brightly in our nation.

In honor of those proud people who blood flows threw my veins, I will honor them throughout this National Black History month. Black Americans ancestors suffered broken families, broken bones, but never a broken resolve. They found comfort in each other and even the same religion that sanctioned their prosecution. The results of their preservation are evident in the accomplishments of prominent Black Americans.

Although as a nation, we have traveled much road on the way to equality, we have much more to travel. Along the way in our journey America has reached a point were we are posed to possibly elect the descendant of Africa to the Presidency, Barack Obama. Oprah Winfey is a shining star and an example for minorities, men, and women around the world. Though shear willpower, she has risen form a newscaster to a billionaire and is on the verge of launching a new media network.

Atrocities committed under the guise of Absolution can never be reconciled, but we can honor it’s victims. I hope that you take a moment this month and expand you awareness of the contribution that African Americans have made and cerebrate in their historical achievements.


Reality Bites the Democrats at the debate

Some may call me a bit of a weirdo, but I love the primary season. My guy or girl verses your guy or girl. We parade them around on TV and radio and now the Internet. It’s amazing how these guys will go on national TV with millions of voters watching and flat-out lie about their records, scoop up to fist-fills of mud and throw it right in the eyes of our favorite candidate. Those bastards, oh how they make our blood boil.


After the first couple of rounds of this jaded process, we start to bid farewell to some of our favorite candidates. We berate our family, friends, coworkers and anyone within earshot that we deemed to dim to see with clarity that our guy was the chosen one. Many of us would argue, how could anyone disagree with what Kucinich said? He spoke truth to power and it’s a damn shame we passed on such a good man. You might hear some of us stating that Mike Gravel was just to damn honest and America can’t handle the truth.

As this media circus of a process starts to finally draw down, we bid farewell to Senior Political leaders like Biden and Dodd, and finally Edwards. That leaves just two dogs left in the fight, Hillary and Obama, and now reality bites. Obama currently has the wind at his back and is poised to make history by becoming the first Black President. However, if he doesn’t and Hillary wins, can I vote for her? This is the question that now faces the Democrats and it’s time for a reality check.

Every Democrat will openly support Obama if he gets the nomination.
Every Democrat must support Hillary if she is nominated and you do not want McCain to start his 100 year war in Iraq.
The Clintons are a team and have been playing patty-cake with Obama when compare to what the Republicans are going to say and do to him.
Joe Libermann is a low-down snake in the grass and is laying in wake to attack our candidate, so we need to consider who can best fight him off.
At the end of the day, Obama has to get mean and nasty when the swift-boat attacks come or he will be Kerry 2.0
If Hillary is nominated, we must offset her with a VP nominee that will continuously steer her to the left. We cannot let her select a yes-man.
Which of these two candidates can best the Republicans at their own game during the general election

It felt like the nation was watching the Democrat debate between Obama and Clinton. My house is a fun place to watch the debates because my wife is for Barack and I am (still) on Team Hillary. To make matters even more odd, within our mixed marriage of nearly 18 years, our expected support roles are totally reversed. We have spirited debates and it’s a great learning environment for our son because he can see that for us, sex and color do not matter in our true convictions. Although I have to admit, he is leaning more towards Obama because I believe he thinks Hillary has cooties.

My family debate is just a micro version of the larger debate raging on within the Democrat party. Like my family, at the end of the day, I hope my party will come together and support the winner.

Obama represents what we can become and Hillary represents the reality of politics of today. Should we support the visionary or the streetwise cage fighter? The opposition will come at the winner with swift-boat attacks, right-wing media attack dogs, and the full weight of the Grand Old Party. Who will better be able to withstand this onslaught, a charismatic general or a lowdown gunny sergeant? I’m an enlisted man so for now I think I will stick with my Gunny.