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The Iowa Effect

With the Iowa caucus just days away, what effect do you think it will have on your support for a particular presidential candidate? If you are of the average level of political awareness and don’t live in Iowa, the effect should be zero. Iowa and the other super early caucuses only serve to affirm the media’s choices.

If you don’t like Hillary, you are going to revel in all the spin that she is in trouble, has to score a big victory in the next primary, or her team needs a shakeup. Don’t believe the hype. If Obama wins, the spin will be he is one step closer to the White House, he only needs to win one more early caucus to become the frontrunner, or which of his rivals will he pick as his running mate.

If you like Huckabee, you are going to love the spin if he wins in Iowa. It will sound like this, America voted for morality and is moving back to it’s Christianity roots, or wants a Christian leader, and Reverend President. They will spin McCain as the comeback kid and start a deathwatch for Rudy.

Iowa will have a zero effect on me. Regardless of what mass media says, Iowa does not represent my views and perspectives. American politics are rotten with corruption and contempt for the views of average Americans. All the upper tier candidates have hidden agendas and will disappoint a large segment of the populist. Their is no perfect candidate and the results of the Iowa carcass is not going to change the winner into one. Since Gore and Fiengold are not running, everyone else is a second choice for me and Iowa is not going to change my mind. I am on team Hillary now and will continue to support her until she is defeated or concedes. Then I will support which ever Democrat gets the nomination. I am going to vote the party line this election and nothing that happens between now to election day is going to change my mind. So Iowa has a zero effect on me and I doubt it is going to change anyone else’s mind. However, just for giggles, here are my predictions;









Think I’m being absurd? Checkout the link below and tell me if these guys represent you? 🙂

Iowa Caucus 101


Running of the Santas

With one more day to go, our son is almost beside himself. He’s up early and wishing the day to past faster. I feel for him and all the children across America and around the world that have been fortunately blessed with gifts wrapped and waiting under a tree.


As we went though our morning routine, we watched a news broadcast about, the “running of Santas?” It appears a group of college students from down under in New Zealand had after guzzling enough spiked egg nog, decided to have some fun. How they did all this drunk, is a testament to youths determination. About fifty of them dressed in Santa Suits and somehow managed to arrived at a local movie theater together.
Then, at the predetermined time, they all burst into the movie theater at a dead run. The security camera capture it all. The screen shows and near empty corridor and then. like a stampede of bulls, Santas of all shapes and sizes burst into sight. There are tall ones and small ones and a Santa with an afro and two other Santas pulling up their drooping Santa pants.

They jostle and bump into everything and everyone. Pulling fire alarms and knocking popcorn out of movie goers hands. It’s a mess and funny as you know what. Check it out at the link below. Now I think we will settle in and watch are favorite Christmas movie, “Christmas Vacation.” So, what’s your favorite Christmas movie and Happy Holidays to you all.

Drunk Santas run amok


Maybe I Shouldn’t Have Killed Santa

2006 was a bad year for fairy creatures in my home. Our son had reached an age were the question was raised; should we tell him the truth about Santa? He was still filled with that child wonderment that makes all things possible. In his little world the fuzzy bunnies give out hard-boiled eggs as a treat and fairies collected teeth.623060323_289f461fc6_m.jpg

It was so easy to feed into this fantasy and my wife and I poured it on. We read “Night before Christmas” together, we took him to all the Christmas movies and listened to mind-numbing amounts of Christmas carols. My son and I have a fondness for “Grand Mom got ran over by a Reindeer.”

The decision to come clean was made earlier that year. Earlier we though it a great ideal to give him a Christmas Bell, much like one we had seen in a movie. We told him that if you really believe in Santa, you can hear the bell ring. We watched his eyes grow big with delight as he rung the bell again and again, yelling “I can hear it!” The naughty guy, played by me, faked it and loudly proclaimed, “I can’t hear a thing, this bell must be broken.” “That’s because you don’t really believe in Santa Dad”, my son told me solemnly. Little did we know, but that bell chimes tolled to end of Santa.

So delighted and proud was our son of his Christmas Bell, that he decided to take it to school for show and tell. Uh oh. What to do? We couldn’t let him take it to school, the kids would make so much fun of him that he might need years of therapy to recover. But, how could we tell him not to take one of his most prized toys to show and tell? We couldn’t resolve the issue, so we just packed him off to school with his bell in tow and waited. My wife wanted to buy him some “comfort food or stuff” and have it ready when he returned home. She was sure the school yard bullies would have him in tears. However, to our delight, our son returned home with a smile on his face.


We asked him, “how did your show and tell go?” He said well and that the kids really liked his Christmas Bell. Um? He went on to describe how he told them if you really believe in Santa, you will be able to hear the bell. Almost everyone said they heard the bell. Those that said they didn’t believe in Santa also stated that they didn’t hear the bell because Santa wasn’t real. They say everyone that still believed in Santa were being babies and silly. Ah, but the yeas had the majority and the nay-sayers were quickly shouted down. That Bell had almost cause a classroom revolt!

Still beaming from his moral victory and basting in the purity of child innocents, our son shined with prided. We had to tell him. We both knew that his argument wouldn’t hold up long under continued taunts for the bigger kids at school and we were only kicking the can down the road by not telling him. OK, breve in and out and steady yourself, I told myself. Son, we have to tell you something.

Santa was a real person. His real name was Saint Nicholas and he was a very kind man. In fact, you and him have something in common because like mommy, Saint Nicholas was from Turkey (he was the bishop of Myra in Lycia, a province of the Byzantine Anatolia, now in Turkey). He loved helping people and enjoyed giving gifts to the poor. The Santa you see on TV and the one that we all talk about is based on him. That Santa isn’t really real. We looked for a change in his face or some sign that he was taking this all in. Well, he said nothing but did seem to be comprehending what was being said to him. Seeing an opening, we made a split decision to really get the job done. Why stop at Santa? Now that we had started on this dark path, why not take out a few more fairy creatures. Next, Peter Cottontail was mowed down on the bunny trail with truth. Come on, why would a bunny rabbit be handing out boiled and chocolate eggs? Finally, the one I have a personal vendetta against, the legend of the “Tooth Fairy” was shot down in a blaze of facts. Besides being cheat ( a buck a tooth), he never said thank you or what he was going to do with all those teeth (note to self, ask wife what she is doing with all those baby teeth?).

There, it was done. Our son stood silent for a little while longer and finally said, “so you guys lied to me all these years?” Well not exactly, all parents tell these things to kids, it’s more like a white lie, one that isn’t meant to hurt and Santa really was a person anyway. He thought it over a moment longer and kinda nodded with agreement. But something in his eyes troubled me and I would find out next year exactly what that was.

Fast forward to this year. Our son comes to me one day and hands me a computer generated Christmas wish list. Since he now knows that Santa isn’t real, he goes straight to the money source with his request. Now instead of me being able to pawn his list off on Santa and say “that’s a mighty long list, let’s just see what Santa brings”, I found myself entering into Wish list negotiations with a 8 year old! Crap, Santa’s revenge stings.


Losing Our Humanity

It’s a somewhat sobering quality for most of us; to realize that as we get on in age, we tend to become more comfortable with our own mortality. We want to tally up our life, sorting deeds into good and bad, in the vain hope of somehow reconciling our existence and justifying our passage into the next form of existence; be that returning to cosmic matter or spiritual release.

The constructs of Humanity is where we keep our tally and try to express the sum of our worth through the arts and philosophy. We think the summation of our precious existence will be safe in the arts and philosophy because when we look to the examples of existences long gone by like the Roman and Ottoman empires, their arts and philosophy are all that remain. So what will remain of us, since we have so willingly given up our arts and limited our philosophy? We are losing our Humanity and with that, we will lost our marker is history. Nothing kind will be remembered about us if we continue to sacrifice our humanity.


Our willingness to care is being striped away with fear. Fear of others and fear that we are the only ones making the sacrifice and pulling the whole damn load all by ourselves. Our primal survival fears have been manipulated to the point that we walk wide of our fellow countrymen because he or she wears a turban, or Judenhut, or has dreadlocks, or an afro, or a pigtail, or is bald, or is somehow different than us. We have been set against each other, cataloged into the Left or the Right, the haves and the have nots. And we blame each other for our current existence, to blind with hate and fear to see that we all exist in the same time and space. To dumb as a whole are we to realize that if I improve your existence, I improve mine own existence. So we go on, letting ourselves be scared and turned inward on ourselves so that we don’t have to look at cities that have been washed out to sea and we don’t want to know the truth count of how many people have been killed or why we are fighting. We have become detached from reality and we sit in purgatory, fooling ourselves to think we have done enough.

What has become of the humane America? The America that scarified it’s sons and daughters to save the world twice. Where is the America that was the melting pot for the world, the leader in science and technology? Made in America, remember when that was a stamp of excellence? I want our marker back. I want the America that we exist in to be remembered with honor and relevance. I don’t want us to be remembered like some modern day Conquistadors, that controlled the world by military might. We are better than that.