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Say What? Just In For San Francis News

Election officials have dismissed a complaint accusing Democratic fund-raiser Denise Rich of donating campaign money and furniture to Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton in exchange for President Clinton’s pardon of Rich’s ex-husband.

The Federal Election Commission made the decision last month and disclosed it Wednesday.

The government watchdog group Judicial Watch accused Denise Rich of making excessive donations to Hillary Rodham Clinton’s 2000 campaign totaling at least $70,000 and of giving her furniture worth $7,375 in return for the president’s pardon of Marc Rich.

Under the campaign law then in effect, individual donors could donate only $1,000 per candidate for a particular election.

Commission lawyers said it appeared Denise Rich’s contributions were legal. They included $2,000 to her campaign — $1,000 for the primary and $1,000 for the general election — and $70,000 to New York Senate 2000’s soft money account, which wasn’t subject to the law’s donation limits.

The complaint gave no evidence that the furniture, including two coffee tables and two chairs, that Rich gave to the Clintons were used in connection with Hillary Rodham Clinton’s Senate campaign, FEC attorneys found.

The commission lawyers said the allegations that the Clintons, Rich and others were involved in exchanging money or political support for pardons amounted to bribery allegations that the FEC has no jurisdiction to handle.

The commissioners agreed, voting 6-0 to find no reason to believe any campaign finance laws were broken in the matter and to dismiss the complaint.


What A Day

On a terrible day like this one when 26 innocence Turkish and British citizens were murdered, over 450 bystanders wounded, and all we see on TV is the stupid Michael Jackson arrest show. More blood has been spilled, homes and property destroyed and all the US media wants to feed us in MJ being carted off in handcuffs, who fucking cares! Oh, also today the White House was evacuated. Maybe tomorrow the News media will tell us the real reason the Chicken Hawks fled the White House.

03 – Powerful blasts kill at least 26 in Istanbul – Nov. 20, 2003 – Powerful blasts kill at least 26 in Istanbul – Nov. 20, 2003: “ISTANBUL, Turkey (CNN) — Powerful explosions ripped through the British Consulate and a London-based bank near a shopping mall in Istanbul Thursday — killing at least 26 people and wounding more than 450 others, Turkish Interior Minister Abdulkadir Aksu said.
Local officials said there were at least two bombings. British officials said they believed there were at least five bombings.
Ian Sherwood, chaplain of the British Consulate, told CNN that Consul General Roger Short was among 16 people killed at the consulate. One of the main buildings was ‘completely demolished,’ he said.
Sherwood said the consulate had been ‘secure as possible,’ but that the bombing was ‘huge.’ He said his house down the street shook, and the whole neighborhood was damaged.
It was the second coordinated attack in Istanbul in the last week. On Saturday, 23 people were killed in car bombings of two synagogues. “

03 – Mass anti-Bush protest in London – Nov. 20, 2003 – Mass anti-Bush protest in London – Nov. 20, 2003: “LONDON, England (CNN) — Thousands have marched in London in protest against U.S. President George Bush’s policies on Iraq though the main shadow over his state visit to Britain was cast by the deadly bombings in Turkey.
More than 5,500 police were on duty for the London march which ended with the toppling of a giant papier mache and chicken wire effigy of the U.S. president meant to echo the symbolic toppling of a statue of Saddam Hussein in Baghdad.
By late afternoon the demostration had been peaceful. Scotland Yard said there had been 51 arrests on charges including drunkenness and possession of drugs.
Armed with posters, banners and drums, protesters crowded into Malet Street in Bloomsbury to make a symbolic march past parliament and along Whitehall. Foghorns blared and whistles were blown as the crowd chanted anti-war slogans.
Organizers predicted a turnout of 100,000. There were conflicting reports on the number of marchers with police saying 30,000 had marched to join thousands of others in Trafalgar Square where the statue was toppled. “

03 – Remains of Dean’s brother possibly found in Laos – Nov. 18, 2003 – Remains of Dean’s brother possibly found in Laos – Nov. 18, 2003: “WASHINGTON (CNN) — The Pentagon said Tuesday that human remains have been found in Southeast Asia in a case involving the long-missing brother of Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean.
The remains were recovered last week during an excavation in the Bolikhamxai Province of central Laos. They have not been identified.
The candidate’s younger brother, Charles Dean, and Australian Neil Sharman were killed in Laos in September 1974, according to a statement from the Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command.
The two were civilians and not associated with Vietnam War-era combat operations going on in the region at the time, the statement said. The remains were to be identified at a lab in Hawaii.
‘The personal effects found at the site make us reasonably confident that we have finally located Charlie’s remains,’ Howard Dean said in a written statement Tuesday. ”

Now everyone that thinks the Pentagon didn’t know were Dean’s brothers remains were before now, stay up. That’s what I thought. These are some low-life people and this shows they will stop at nothing to stop Howard Dean. Hopefully, this will bring closure to the Dean faimly. God Bless…

03 : Powell Links Turkey Bombings to al-Qaida : Powell Links Turkey Bombings to al-QaidaWASHINGTON Nov. 17 � Secretary of State Colin Powell said Monday the truck bombings that devastated two Jewish synagogues in Istanbul, Turkey, had “all the fingerprints that we would expect of an al-Qaida operation.”
But Powell said he did not have enough information to conclude that Osama bin Laden’s network was behind the attack that killed 24 people. He added that Turkish authorities weren’t “prepared to make that connection.”

03 – Can anyone catch Dean? – Nov. 17, 2003 – Can anyone catch Dean? – Nov. 17, 2003If the onetime long shot looked like a front runner before last week, the political pundits were declaring him all but unstoppable after Wednesday’s joint endorsement by Stern’s union and the 1.4 million-member American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME).

As recently as six months ago, the betting was not if but when Dean would flame out. But the former Vermont Governor has roared ahead by defying three early assumptions about the race. When the leading candidates believed it would be political suicide to oppose George Bush on national security, Dean unambiguously inveighed against the Iraq invasion and caught the Democratic Party’s antiwar wave.

While the others were dialing for $2,000 checks and lining up big-name political consultants, Dean seized on the Internet’s potential to raise money and organize grass-roots support. (He had been running for more than a year before he hired a pollster.)

And as consequential as anything else, he focused his energy outside the political establishment at a time when the top contenders � nearly all of them creatures of the Beltway � believed that big donors, party kingmakers and powerful interest groups were the best assets to have in an overcrowded field.