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Rise of the Citizen Journalist

With the Nevada caucus and super duper Tuesday barreling down on us, I find it odd that the mass media are asking different question sets to the Democrat and Republican candidates. In my opinion, all the republicans are cut from the same cloth and they can be questioned as a group. I would love to hear if they plan to campaign with the President as a supporter? I would also love to hear who the blame the current recession on and why did they not speak out against the administration as they spent us into the biggest debt in the history of humankind?


If not for town hall meetings, protestors, and bloggers, the mainstream media would continue to keep this election year at a slow softball pitch. So I guest it’s up to the Citizen Journalist to ask the hardball questions since that tool Chris Matthews isn’t going to ask it of our Democrat candidates.

Hillary, will you finally man-up and admit that you screwed up on voting for the war? Will you stop side stepping the question and answer conclusively if you think Obama is qualified to be President? If you do not win the nomination, will you promise to campaign just as hard for Obama or Edwards?

Obama, will you admit that at the federal level, you are lacking in experience and will you pledge to surround yourself with the brightest minds to make up for this shortcoming? Are you going to replace members of your political advisors because they continue to let you make dumb mistakes like telling the world you keep a messy desk or admire Reagan? Will you stop hammering your opponents on votes they casted that you missed?

Edwards, you were on the losing team of 2004, so explain why democrats should throw their support behind you again? When you chose not to run for reelection to the senate, you threw North Carolina completely to the Republicans. Can you guarantee that you will carry your home state of North Carolina?

These are only a small taste of the open questions that go unanswered. With all the infighting, it’s easy to see this race is wide open. This race is the Democrats to lose.
Whoever wins the nomination must face an all out political war from the Republicans.
The Democrats will never have a better chance than now to take back the White House and that makes the vetting process imperative. So come on mass media, stop wasting our time with questions about aliens and start asking the hard questions.


Sensational News

The old saying that politics make for strange bed-fellows is oh so true. I will be the first to admit that when it comes to getting my news on, I usually tune into MSNBC’s Countdown. Yet, sometimes I have to choose between Crappy News Network (CNN) or if I am desperate and filling a bit sadistic, I watch Fixed News (FOX). As a side note, LINKS and HD News are very good alternatives.


Anyway, so I am watching Anderson “I’m better than you” Cooper as he lines up his typical gang of wrong-headed pundits. The topic was the upcoming Republican primaries in Michigan. The flavor of the day was Mitt Romney and they were all piling on, saying he has blown so much money and a big lead in the state to McCain and Huckabee.

The party line was that Romney was 0 and 2 and could not afford to lose Michigan. Yeah, they all chimed in, “he will be 0 for 3 and in big trouble.” Wait a tick, I thought to myself, “didn’t Romney win a primary, what are they talking about with this 0 for 3 crap?” A quick search of CNN’s website proved me right, Romney won Wyoming on January 5 and collected 8 state delegates. In fact, this victory propelled him to the lead in delegates count. If you go by what really matters, delegates, Romney is currently winning the Republican presidential race! WTF!

To make matters worst, I don’t even like Romney, but I have to defend him on this point. How is it possible that I know he won a primary and CNN’s wonder-boy Anderson Cooper doesn’t? The answer is simple, Anderson does know, but he’s not saying because he wants to sensationalize the news. It’s a better story saying Romney is 0 and 3 then stating the fact that he is currently leading the pack. Shame on CNN. This is just another reason why they and the other network news agencies are losing viewers to the internet, bloggers, and other credible agencies. After Michigan’s primary vote, this may all be a mute cause, but until the votes are counted, they should stick to the facts.

Click here for Romey’s CNN Stats


I’ll cry if I want to

In the last political article I wrote, I started it by eating cold crow. This time, I’m serving up crow to all the mass media pundits that got it wrong. The news cycle started with all the network news agencies putting on they dancing shoes with the anticipation of dancing on Hillary’s presidential campaigns grave. All the polls and pundits were in agreement; she was finished and Obama was the people’s sea of change. They invited all the Hillary haters onto their shows and bad mouthed her with outright vile. And then the numbers started to come in.


Something was wrong, the numbers were coming in all wrong. First the Pundits said the early counting was showing Hillary in the lead because the counties she was favored in were being tallied first. But the gap between her and Obama started to widen. When Hillary hit 20% and still held the lead, they started to panic. I heard ex-governor Ed Rendell finally say that maybe we shouldn’t count Hillary out. Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews looked visually sick.

To save face, the right-wing tool Chris Matthews started shifting in his chair and shifting his position. The little hamster was running full speed in his head and he sputtered, well maybe a first woman and first Black American ticket would be a good thing. The Gap between Hillary and Obama widened and once it hit 40% to 36%, they took down the percentages and only showed the raw numbers, all the while practically screaming, “it’s too close to call.”

Once it became obvious that Hillary would win, they admitted that the race wasn’t over and complained how the polls had gotten it so wrong. I can answer that for them. One poll predicted Obama would win by 3% to 4% and another poll wanted to top that and said he would win by 5% to 10%. By election day, that number had been talked up to 13% Besides, no one really wanted to say that they were watching a 15% swing in the polls and the momentum was going in Hillary’s favor.

I loved it because the real winners again was us. The turnout was record breaking and full of new and independent voters. Let’s keep screwing the Pundits and continue to vote in record numbers. I hope we keep them crying like babies until election day. If you want reliable polling and commentating, I suggest you hit the net, it’s a great place to start.


Reading the Tea leaves out of Iowa

First up, let me get this out of the way. I prefer my crow served up as a cold appetizer. Yum yum, fresh crow. Now, as the results started rowing in for the Iowa caucus, there were a few surprises. The predicted leaders both won, but the fight for second and third place turned out to be interesting.


On the Democratic side, Obama was the big winner with 38%, followed closely behind by Edwards with 30% and Hillary with 29%. This was a big night not only for Obama, but for the Democratic party. The turnout was huge and a lot of buzz was generated for the party. Is Obama on his way, was Edwards strong second place finish a surprise and watch will Hillary do to get back on track?

The Republicans results were a lot more reveling. Huckabee was the runaway winner and it was a big disappointment for Romney and Rudi. McCain showed a little life and should see an increase in fundraising.

Now the beatings will begin until the candidates poll numbers improve. Hillary is going to get it from all sides. Her old and new enemies taste blood in the water, but I’m not counting her out on results of one caucus. The bulls eye is on Huckabee and Obama. They need to stay above the fray and out of the mud to keep the momentum going.

The big winner was us. A large turnout at the polls that nearly doubled the numbers from 2004 is great for America and shows that we are watching what is going on and becoming engaged in politics again. Money is essential to this election but will not buy this election. The candidate that gets his or her message out to the people, will carry the day. The race to select a candidate will be all over by super-dooper Tuesday, February 3rd. After that, the chosen candidates will pick a vice president candidate and shadow cabinet. I think it’s a good thing because the nation will be able to turn it’s attention to the house and senate races. It isn’t over until it’s over, but we just took one big step closer to finally showing Bush the door.