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A tribute to Black Moses, Isaac Hayes

it’s an old cliche, but life is truly full of tragedy. It is ironic and very tragic that so many people today only recognize Isaac Hayes as the voice of Chef on South Park or for his recent conversion to Scientology.

Isaac Hayes has been known as many things besides his role on South Park. When I was growing up, he was known as Black Moses. His voice was one of a kind, soulful, and Kerry the essence of his talent. “Hot Buttered Soul” and “Black Moses” got plenty of air time in the house in which I grew up in. Isaac Hayes was an original and he was sporting gold chain’s, big sunglasses, and a ball head long before any of today’s rappers were born.


He was born in the deep South; Covington Tennessee and orphaned at a young age. His grandparents took over the role of parenting, but in his teens he dropped out of school completely. This type of start on life infused him with a painful kind of soul. This hurt and longing is clearly her in many of his hit songs.

In a time of racial injustice and social upturn within the Black communities, Isaac Hayes became a champion for equality and respect of Black musical artists. It can be argued that his album “Hot Buttered Soul” saved Stax Records and help usher in a new genre of music called Southern soul. He took his music to the next level when he wrote and scored the soundtrack to the movie Shaft. To this day, the theme song of Shaft is one of the most recognizable theme songs of any movie. What makes the shaft soundtrack so amazing is that he infused an entire orchestra with his funk.

If you would like to hear some old school rap, check out his versions of the songs “Walk on By”, “By the Time I Get to Phoenix”, and one of my favorites, “I Stand Accused”. You will not find profanity, rhyming, or beat boxing in these songs. What you will hear our mesmerizing stories being told by a master. I hope when all is said and done, in the end the world will remember Isaac Hayes not at Chef, but the bald head, gold chain and dark sunglasses wearing Black Moses.


Can you guest who is the MC on the Mic? Yelp, he use to be cool too.

Watch the master work



Club Apple

I have to admit that I had a bit of a flashback while standing in line to get my new iPhone. The feel was kind of like standing in the line to get into an exclusive nightclub. There were bouncers at the doors and a long waiting line. In fact there were two lines. One line was for the normal customers who just wanted to buy something or had an appointment to have their Mac looked at and the other line was for the masses that wanted to buy the iPhone.

The feel was much the same, the club was so exclusive that fact, that the Marquise doesn’t show a name, just the Apple symbol. The only thing missing was the fact that the bouncers were not selecting individuals to go into the store that was being handled by guys in orange shirts. The crowd also felt like a typical crowd you would see standing in line to get into a nightclub. There were quite a few odd people in the line. Some had spiky hair, others were dressed to impress, and others looked rather eccentric.

The line moved fairly swiftly though, and soon I found myself half way to the door. I had my iPod with me and was enjoying listening to an audible book or just watching the people pass by. As people exited the store with their new iPhone, the waiting crowd would applaud and those lucky few would grace us with a smile. I saw one guy leave the Apple store, and entered into a very exclusive boutique which sold handbags. It was obvious that this guy could not go home with just one iPhone, he had to take something for his wife. He walked with a bit of a swagger from the Apple store into the boutique and up to the front counter. Placing his newly bought iPhone on the countertop, he leaned in close to flirt with the cashier. She started to show him a variety of handbags, all that were very expensive and probably costs just as much as his iPhone. He showed little interest in the handbags and a lot more interest in the salesclerk. In his attempt to be cool, he accidentally knocked his brand-new iPhone to the floor! All the coolness drained out of his face as he watched his brand-new toy bounce on the floor. He quickly retrieved it and to his luck, it was not damaged. He didn’t buy the handbag and quickly left with is prized possession.

A guy two people in front of me, had to abandon his position in the line because his toddler decided that she had had enough and wanted to do something more interesting. Several people standing in the line wanted to show how special they were by playing with their old iPhones. I thought to myself, “ Come on do you really need a new phone?” I guess some people have money to burn. After an hour and a half, it was finally my turn to enter Club Apple.

I was informed of the limited selection that they had left, which was fine with me because I wanted a white iPhone anyway. Besides, all the cool kids have white iPhones. the sales rep called in to AT&T and deactivated my old phone and activated it my new phone. After waiting for a few minutes, he was puzzled that the iPhone had not activated. He called AT&T again and as suspected, AT&T had dropped the ball and not activated the iPhone. They corrected the problem and in a few minutes I was heading out the door to a much smaller fanfare and home with my new iPhone.