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Cows and Corn

The other day my coworker and I were discussing the election results. She proudly displays a red and blue map of America, making it a point to show me all the red. To which I replied, �All the people live in the blue spots, only cows and corn are in the red zones. What I can�t figure out is how you guys got all those cows to vote?� Which brings me to an open question, are you like me, tried of having cows dictate how our tax dollars are spent? Are you tired of the cloudy cow logic that dictates which causes we champion?

Please make no mistake; I am not calling the people that live in red zones cows, hell I live in a red zone. What I am doing is pointing out that it is no more fair for city folk to tell country folk how to live as it is for country folk to tell city folk how to live. I know, I know, this is what happens in a democracy right? The majority rules. You and I know that�s a load of crap. America is not and yes, has never been a democracy. We are a federal republic with a milked-down splash of democracy. People with the most stroke rule and that leaves the only question to be asked is �Got Milk?�