Pit Bull with Lipstick

Rant Alert, do not read this if you are a Conservative. For two nights I have watched loser after loser parade across the TV screen and try to persuade me to vote for another loser.

John McCain is a lost soul. He is not the man he once was and his story is that of thousands of veterans of less fortune and fame. I have three uncles that served, fought, and killed in Vietnam in defense of this nation and not one time have I ever heard them exploit their service for gain.kozmo1.jpg
Because of John McCain’s family connections, he was given the choice to leave Vietnam, thousands of POWs never received that opportunity and thousands remain unaccounted for. John McCain did his job with honor but his current actions demean that service. How many John McCains sleep on the streets all across America and are just burned-out on life because those cheering McCain supporters step over them and around them and screen back “get a job you bum!’

What a sham of a party. These mindless bunch of sheep screaming “drill baby drill!” They have been getting drilled for the past eight years and pulling the rest of us right along with them. Hello Conservatives, what do you thing Big Oil has been doing? They have been drilling all of us to the tune of record multi billion dollar profits.

And now you want Democrats and Independents to support a Vice President candidate that my military service has qualified me more than her to be VP. Governor Palin bragged about firing a chef and selling the state of Alaska’s jet on ebay. I guest it doesn’t matter to her that Alaska is not connected to the continental states. Rude, crude, mocking, and condescending, she spoke down to every person that holds an opposing opinion. Governor Palin didn’t even use Obama’s name and she just reached across the table and slapped every Democrat, Liberal, and Independent in the face. Thanks, but no thanks.


1 Response to “Pit Bull with Lipstick”

  1. September 5, 2008 at 4:31 am

    What I saw at the RNC is some weird bastardization of the Republican Party.

    I know because I do tend to be conservative on certain issues, but I didn’t see a single conservative in that assembly.

    I saw a bunch of radical facists chest thumping, shaking fists and kissing up… And that’s about it. A lot of people were talking, but said nothing.

    Truth be told, I haven’t seen many conservatives in the Bush administration. What we’ve seen so far is a strange personality cult revolving around him and a few of his favourite cronies.

    BTW Anyone but a complete blithering idiot would support drilling at this point.

    I.E. Glenn Beck. That failed comedian/social critic/warmongering sock puppet.

    Oil is clearly not the answer.

    Drilling isn’t a conservative policy, it’s an idiot policy. Or a policy by someone with ulterior motives with something to gain.

    I.E. Sarah Palin… What a coincidence she’s McCain’s VP pick.

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