“The Hottest Vice President from the coolest state”

Come on News Media! This has to be a record for a Vice President candidate to be nominated and not give an interview for the public.

In fact Sarah Palin has only repeated the lies she told at the Republican Convention because she knows the News media has no backbone and will not call her on it.


It’s well documented she was for the bridge to nowhere until it became politically unpopular. Yet, she still took over 10 millions dollars from the project and spent it on pet projects throughout Alaska. Will someone in the news media please ask her to explain and stop lying?

As Mayor of Wasilla, she left her small town 20 million dollars in debt and as Governor she sold the state’s airplane at a lost and not on ebay. By the way, that plane was used for other state business like transporting Alaskan prisoners to be housed in other states because Alaska is out of jail space.

She also killed a state run program that would provide shelter for abused young women, while knowing that Alaska has the highest level of incest rape cases in the nation.

There was a case last year in the news that talked about a 17 year old promising high school football player that was sent to jail for having oral sex with a 15 year old girl who under oath, testified it was her ideal and she talked him into having consensual sex. In light of this case, is it possible someone broke the law by getting her underage daughter pregnant?

Do what I say and not what I do, that’s the motto of “the hottest vice president candidate from the coolest state.” Hey that’s not my saying, I saw that on a campaign button at the Republican convention.


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