Not Celebrating Valentines Day

Today I am not wearing a red shirt because it’s Valentines Day. My red shirt represents all the blood spilled by my brethren poking their fingers on Rose thorns. Don’t think for a minute I bought 24 red roses because its Valentines. My 24 roses represent the 24 hours of sweat some men put in to be able to pay the last minute roadside rose pimp thats going to charge him $5 bucks a rose!


Screw that last minute shopping crap, I’m not having it. So what if I picked up a little something something for the Misses last week. It has nothing to do with Valentines. This expensive bottle of perfume is my ticket out of the dog-house, and I just may hedge my bet a little early to cover March Madness.

With all this Valentines Day hoopla, it’s impossible to find a simple “love you” card that has nothing to do with Valentines. In no way was I looking for a Valentines Day card, I just needed a nice card to go with my 24 hours roses and March Madness get out of the dog house perfume, given in my blood red shirt. So as you can plainly see, I have nothing to do with this corporate commercialized fake holiday called Valentines Day.


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