The swift-boating of Dennis Kucinich and Party Politics

The news hit me like and urgent call in the middle of the night about a dear friend being in an accident. How could this be happening and why to him? When it comes to championing the people’s cause, Dennis is a trooper and although he is no longer in the presidential race, his message is sounded loud and clear of the lips of Obama and Hillary.


A soft spoken small statue of a man, he dominated the issues that really matter to middle America. His no nonsense performances in the early debates commanded such respect that the party bosses worked him out of the later debates. Party Politics were used to declare his candidacy a joke simply because he ran it out of his kitchen with no big money funding or backing. The party bosses said, “You can’t run a presidential candidacy out of your home.” They declared his candidacy invalid and uninvited him to the debates.

Dennis Kucinich has been fighting political corruption all his life and he was not going to take this. He fought back within the party and finally took his case to the courts during the Nevada debates. Favors were called in and the local courts ruled in NBC’s favor to keep him out of the debates. Dennis fought harder and took his case to the state level courts were he won a 12th hour victory to force his way back into the debates. With literally minutes to go, the party bosses used their ace in the hole and got the federal courts to over rule the lower courts decision, barring Dennis again from the debates.

Blood was now in the water and his old political enemies saw an opportunity to swift-boat him with a well financed challenger for his congressional seat, and here we are. Dennis, a six term representative is currently being outspent 5 to 1 by his establishment backed challenger. To make matters worst, time is running out on him because the primary vote will be held in March.

I’m not in his district and cannot vote, but I can support him financially. Kucinich is a true voice of the people. He voted against the war and all it’s funding appropriations. He is the only one to submit paperwork to impeach Cheney. He wants to establish a department of piece. He has taken no special interest funding and has stated that he would start bringing the troops home day one of his presidency. If these ideas represent your positions, you may want to think about helping a friend in need. If you want to help fund his reelection, please take a moment and support him at the link listed below. I am and I hope you will to.

Re-Elect Dennis Kucinich link

Video message from Kucinich


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