Yes, he can and why I changed

It’s kinda hard to put my finger on what made me switch from Hillary to Obama. Color was not it and that’s evident of my initial support of Hillary. I didn’t change because it’s Black History Month or the fact that Obama and I have names that start with an O.


Although we are nearly the same age (46 & 45), age didn’t change my mind. Even the fact that my son is a little Barack Obama, a creation of love, an angel given to my wife and I to treasure and rase into a fine man didn’t change my mind.

Peer and family pressure didn’t move me, and it diffidently was not my good friend and debate buddy who is a Professor at Morehouse College. I didn’t have a fallout with Hillary’s policies or get (too) offended with Bill’s borderline racial comments.

I changed for change. Al Gore was my original candidate for change when he ran. Smart and worldly, he was exactly the person to lead the World into a new era of togetherness and environmental awareness. The establishment said he was to smart for us and in the end, the establishment won and change was defeated.

I was an original Howard Dean supporter and he was my next candidate for change. I’m one of the million names on his magic mailing list and I helped push him to the head of the pack through meet-ups and contributions. In the end, an amped up mic and hyped up media did him end and changed didn’t come.

Dean did recover. He took his list and backed by the people, he forced his way into the chairmanship of the Democrat Party. He then wrestled control from the Clinton surrogates and implemented a 50 state strategy that brought the Democrats back to power. This should have been change, but what we got was the same old scared Democrats. Are there any Democrats that are happy with Pelosi and Reed?

Reflecting on all this made me realize, that I couldn’t continue to support the current Democrat establishment and Hillary is their candidate of choice. I still believe she would make a good president and have no problem supporting her if she gets the nomination, but she does not represent change.

I changed my support to Obama because I can’t vote twice and still want real change. I want to start replacing our weak Democrat leadership from the top down. I want Obama’s candidacy to inspire newcomers and let them know that if the represent real change, we will support them. I want my party back and I think Barack Obama can get it back for me. That’s the reason I changed my support to Obama.

PS: If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the “Yes We Can” video here.


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