Reality Bites the Democrats at the debate

Some may call me a bit of a weirdo, but I love the primary season. My guy or girl verses your guy or girl. We parade them around on TV and radio and now the Internet. It’s amazing how these guys will go on national TV with millions of voters watching and flat-out lie about their records, scoop up to fist-fills of mud and throw it right in the eyes of our favorite candidate. Those bastards, oh how they make our blood boil.


After the first couple of rounds of this jaded process, we start to bid farewell to some of our favorite candidates. We berate our family, friends, coworkers and anyone within earshot that we deemed to dim to see with clarity that our guy was the chosen one. Many of us would argue, how could anyone disagree with what Kucinich said? He spoke truth to power and it’s a damn shame we passed on such a good man. You might hear some of us stating that Mike Gravel was just to damn honest and America can’t handle the truth.

As this media circus of a process starts to finally draw down, we bid farewell to Senior Political leaders like Biden and Dodd, and finally Edwards. That leaves just two dogs left in the fight, Hillary and Obama, and now reality bites. Obama currently has the wind at his back and is poised to make history by becoming the first Black President. However, if he doesn’t and Hillary wins, can I vote for her? This is the question that now faces the Democrats and it’s time for a reality check.

Every Democrat will openly support Obama if he gets the nomination.
Every Democrat must support Hillary if she is nominated and you do not want McCain to start his 100 year war in Iraq.
The Clintons are a team and have been playing patty-cake with Obama when compare to what the Republicans are going to say and do to him.
Joe Libermann is a low-down snake in the grass and is laying in wake to attack our candidate, so we need to consider who can best fight him off.
At the end of the day, Obama has to get mean and nasty when the swift-boat attacks come or he will be Kerry 2.0
If Hillary is nominated, we must offset her with a VP nominee that will continuously steer her to the left. We cannot let her select a yes-man.
Which of these two candidates can best the Republicans at their own game during the general election

It felt like the nation was watching the Democrat debate between Obama and Clinton. My house is a fun place to watch the debates because my wife is for Barack and I am (still) on Team Hillary. To make matters even more odd, within our mixed marriage of nearly 18 years, our expected support roles are totally reversed. We have spirited debates and it’s a great learning environment for our son because he can see that for us, sex and color do not matter in our true convictions. Although I have to admit, he is leaning more towards Obama because I believe he thinks Hillary has cooties.

My family debate is just a micro version of the larger debate raging on within the Democrat party. Like my family, at the end of the day, I hope my party will come together and support the winner.

Obama represents what we can become and Hillary represents the reality of politics of today. Should we support the visionary or the streetwise cage fighter? The opposition will come at the winner with swift-boat attacks, right-wing media attack dogs, and the full weight of the Grand Old Party. Who will better be able to withstand this onslaught, a charismatic general or a lowdown gunny sergeant? I’m an enlisted man so for now I think I will stick with my Gunny.


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