Rise of the Citizen Journalist

With the Nevada caucus and super duper Tuesday barreling down on us, I find it odd that the mass media are asking different question sets to the Democrat and Republican candidates. In my opinion, all the republicans are cut from the same cloth and they can be questioned as a group. I would love to hear if they plan to campaign with the President as a supporter? I would also love to hear who the blame the current recession on and why did they not speak out against the administration as they spent us into the biggest debt in the history of humankind?


If not for town hall meetings, protestors, and bloggers, the mainstream media would continue to keep this election year at a slow softball pitch. So I guest it’s up to the Citizen Journalist to ask the hardball questions since that tool Chris Matthews isn’t going to ask it of our Democrat candidates.

Hillary, will you finally man-up and admit that you screwed up on voting for the war? Will you stop side stepping the question and answer conclusively if you think Obama is qualified to be President? If you do not win the nomination, will you promise to campaign just as hard for Obama or Edwards?

Obama, will you admit that at the federal level, you are lacking in experience and will you pledge to surround yourself with the brightest minds to make up for this shortcoming? Are you going to replace members of your political advisors because they continue to let you make dumb mistakes like telling the world you keep a messy desk or admire Reagan? Will you stop hammering your opponents on votes they casted that you missed?

Edwards, you were on the losing team of 2004, so explain why democrats should throw their support behind you again? When you chose not to run for reelection to the senate, you threw North Carolina completely to the Republicans. Can you guarantee that you will carry your home state of North Carolina?

These are only a small taste of the open questions that go unanswered. With all the infighting, it’s easy to see this race is wide open. This race is the Democrats to lose.
Whoever wins the nomination must face an all out political war from the Republicans.
The Democrats will never have a better chance than now to take back the White House and that makes the vetting process imperative. So come on mass media, stop wasting our time with questions about aliens and start asking the hard questions.


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