Sensational News

The old saying that politics make for strange bed-fellows is oh so true. I will be the first to admit that when it comes to getting my news on, I usually tune into MSNBC’s Countdown. Yet, sometimes I have to choose between Crappy News Network (CNN) or if I am desperate and filling a bit sadistic, I watch Fixed News (FOX). As a side note, LINKS and HD News are very good alternatives.


Anyway, so I am watching Anderson “I’m better than you” Cooper as he lines up his typical gang of wrong-headed pundits. The topic was the upcoming Republican primaries in Michigan. The flavor of the day was Mitt Romney and they were all piling on, saying he has blown so much money and a big lead in the state to McCain and Huckabee.

The party line was that Romney was 0 and 2 and could not afford to lose Michigan. Yeah, they all chimed in, “he will be 0 for 3 and in big trouble.” Wait a tick, I thought to myself, “didn’t Romney win a primary, what are they talking about with this 0 for 3 crap?” A quick search of CNN’s website proved me right, Romney won Wyoming on January 5 and collected 8 state delegates. In fact, this victory propelled him to the lead in delegates count. If you go by what really matters, delegates, Romney is currently winning the Republican presidential race! WTF!

To make matters worst, I don’t even like Romney, but I have to defend him on this point. How is it possible that I know he won a primary and CNN’s wonder-boy Anderson Cooper doesn’t? The answer is simple, Anderson does know, but he’s not saying because he wants to sensationalize the news. It’s a better story saying Romney is 0 and 3 then stating the fact that he is currently leading the pack. Shame on CNN. This is just another reason why they and the other network news agencies are losing viewers to the internet, bloggers, and other credible agencies. After Michigan’s primary vote, this may all be a mute cause, but until the votes are counted, they should stick to the facts.

Click here for Romey’s CNN Stats


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