I’ll cry if I want to

In the last political article I wrote, I started it by eating cold crow. This time, I’m serving up crow to all the mass media pundits that got it wrong. The news cycle started with all the network news agencies putting on they dancing shoes with the anticipation of dancing on Hillary’s presidential campaigns grave. All the polls and pundits were in agreement; she was finished and Obama was the people’s sea of change. They invited all the Hillary haters onto their shows and bad mouthed her with outright vile. And then the numbers started to come in.


Something was wrong, the numbers were coming in all wrong. First the Pundits said the early counting was showing Hillary in the lead because the counties she was favored in were being tallied first. But the gap between her and Obama started to widen. When Hillary hit 20% and still held the lead, they started to panic. I heard ex-governor Ed Rendell finally say that maybe we shouldn’t count Hillary out. Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews looked visually sick.

To save face, the right-wing tool Chris Matthews started shifting in his chair and shifting his position. The little hamster was running full speed in his head and he sputtered, well maybe a first woman and first Black American ticket would be a good thing. The Gap between Hillary and Obama widened and once it hit 40% to 36%, they took down the percentages and only showed the raw numbers, all the while practically screaming, “it’s too close to call.”

Once it became obvious that Hillary would win, they admitted that the race wasn’t over and complained how the polls had gotten it so wrong. I can answer that for them. One poll predicted Obama would win by 3% to 4% and another poll wanted to top that and said he would win by 5% to 10%. By election day, that number had been talked up to 13% Besides, no one really wanted to say that they were watching a 15% swing in the polls and the momentum was going in Hillary’s favor.

I loved it because the real winners again was us. The turnout was record breaking and full of new and independent voters. Let’s keep screwing the Pundits and continue to vote in record numbers. I hope we keep them crying like babies until election day. If you want reliable polling and commentating, I suggest you hit the net, it’s a great place to start.


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