Reading the Tea leaves out of Iowa

First up, let me get this out of the way. I prefer my crow served up as a cold appetizer. Yum yum, fresh crow. Now, as the results started rowing in for the Iowa caucus, there were a few surprises. The predicted leaders both won, but the fight for second and third place turned out to be interesting.


On the Democratic side, Obama was the big winner with 38%, followed closely behind by Edwards with 30% and Hillary with 29%. This was a big night not only for Obama, but for the Democratic party. The turnout was huge and a lot of buzz was generated for the party. Is Obama on his way, was Edwards strong second place finish a surprise and watch will Hillary do to get back on track?

The Republicans results were a lot more reveling. Huckabee was the runaway winner and it was a big disappointment for Romney and Rudi. McCain showed a little life and should see an increase in fundraising.

Now the beatings will begin until the candidates poll numbers improve. Hillary is going to get it from all sides. Her old and new enemies taste blood in the water, but I’m not counting her out on results of one caucus. The bulls eye is on Huckabee and Obama. They need to stay above the fray and out of the mud to keep the momentum going.

The big winner was us. A large turnout at the polls that nearly doubled the numbers from 2004 is great for America and shows that we are watching what is going on and becoming engaged in politics again. Money is essential to this election but will not buy this election. The candidate that gets his or her message out to the people, will carry the day. The race to select a candidate will be all over by super-dooper Tuesday, February 3rd. After that, the chosen candidates will pick a vice president candidate and shadow cabinet. I think it’s a good thing because the nation will be able to turn it’s attention to the house and senate races. It isn’t over until it’s over, but we just took one big step closer to finally showing Bush the door.


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