The Iowa Effect

With the Iowa caucus just days away, what effect do you think it will have on your support for a particular presidential candidate? If you are of the average level of political awareness and don’t live in Iowa, the effect should be zero. Iowa and the other super early caucuses only serve to affirm the media’s choices.

If you don’t like Hillary, you are going to revel in all the spin that she is in trouble, has to score a big victory in the next primary, or her team needs a shakeup. Don’t believe the hype. If Obama wins, the spin will be he is one step closer to the White House, he only needs to win one more early caucus to become the frontrunner, or which of his rivals will he pick as his running mate.

If you like Huckabee, you are going to love the spin if he wins in Iowa. It will sound like this, America voted for morality and is moving back to it’s Christianity roots, or wants a Christian leader, and Reverend President. They will spin McCain as the comeback kid and start a deathwatch for Rudy.

Iowa will have a zero effect on me. Regardless of what mass media says, Iowa does not represent my views and perspectives. American politics are rotten with corruption and contempt for the views of average Americans. All the upper tier candidates have hidden agendas and will disappoint a large segment of the populist. Their is no perfect candidate and the results of the Iowa carcass is not going to change the winner into one. Since Gore and Fiengold are not running, everyone else is a second choice for me and Iowa is not going to change my mind. I am on team Hillary now and will continue to support her until she is defeated or concedes. Then I will support which ever Democrat gets the nomination. I am going to vote the party line this election and nothing that happens between now to election day is going to change my mind. So Iowa has a zero effect on me and I doubt it is going to change anyone else’s mind. However, just for giggles, here are my predictions;









Think I’m being absurd? Checkout the link below and tell me if these guys represent you? 🙂

Iowa Caucus 101


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