Running of the Santas

With one more day to go, our son is almost beside himself. He’s up early and wishing the day to past faster. I feel for him and all the children across America and around the world that have been fortunately blessed with gifts wrapped and waiting under a tree.


As we went though our morning routine, we watched a news broadcast about, the “running of Santas?” It appears a group of college students from down under in New Zealand had after guzzling enough spiked egg nog, decided to have some fun. How they did all this drunk, is a testament to youths determination. About fifty of them dressed in Santa Suits and somehow managed to arrived at a local movie theater together.
Then, at the predetermined time, they all burst into the movie theater at a dead run. The security camera capture it all. The screen shows and near empty corridor and then. like a stampede of bulls, Santas of all shapes and sizes burst into sight. There are tall ones and small ones and a Santa with an afro and two other Santas pulling up their drooping Santa pants.

They jostle and bump into everything and everyone. Pulling fire alarms and knocking popcorn out of movie goers hands. It’s a mess and funny as you know what. Check it out at the link below. Now I think we will settle in and watch are favorite Christmas movie, “Christmas Vacation.” So, what’s your favorite Christmas movie and Happy Holidays to you all.

Drunk Santas run amok


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