Losing Our Humanity

It’s a somewhat sobering quality for most of us; to realize that as we get on in age, we tend to become more comfortable with our own mortality. We want to tally up our life, sorting deeds into good and bad, in the vain hope of somehow reconciling our existence and justifying our passage into the next form of existence; be that returning to cosmic matter or spiritual release.

The constructs of Humanity is where we keep our tally and try to express the sum of our worth through the arts and philosophy. We think the summation of our precious existence will be safe in the arts and philosophy because when we look to the examples of existences long gone by like the Roman and Ottoman empires, their arts and philosophy are all that remain. So what will remain of us, since we have so willingly given up our arts and limited our philosophy? We are losing our Humanity and with that, we will lost our marker is history. Nothing kind will be remembered about us if we continue to sacrifice our humanity.


Our willingness to care is being striped away with fear. Fear of others and fear that we are the only ones making the sacrifice and pulling the whole damn load all by ourselves. Our primal survival fears have been manipulated to the point that we walk wide of our fellow countrymen because he or she wears a turban, or Judenhut, or has dreadlocks, or an afro, or a pigtail, or is bald, or is somehow different than us. We have been set against each other, cataloged into the Left or the Right, the haves and the have nots. And we blame each other for our current existence, to blind with hate and fear to see that we all exist in the same time and space. To dumb as a whole are we to realize that if I improve your existence, I improve mine own existence. So we go on, letting ourselves be scared and turned inward on ourselves so that we don’t have to look at cities that have been washed out to sea and we don’t want to know the truth count of how many people have been killed or why we are fighting. We have become detached from reality and we sit in purgatory, fooling ourselves to think we have done enough.

What has become of the humane America? The America that scarified it’s sons and daughters to save the world twice. Where is the America that was the melting pot for the world, the leader in science and technology? Made in America, remember when that was a stamp of excellence? I want our marker back. I want the America that we exist in to be remembered with honor and relevance. I don’t want us to be remembered like some modern day Conquistadors, that controlled the world by military might. We are better than that.


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