Mac FanBoy looking for hookup in BWI

So there I sat, looking at the perfectly apple shaped butt of the lady laying next to me. She had come much sooner than I and had taken the best seat at this end of BWI (Baltimore Washington International) airport, that was next to an available electrical outlet. My battery was running low and I needed a hookup bad.


As a side note, women are quite amazing in the fact that this lady was dead asleep, but somehow managed to wake up on queue, glare at me for admiring her ample asset, and go right back to sleep, blocking what I was really desiring, the only electrical outlet.

Seeing no chance of using this outlet, I packed up my portable office and headed off in search of another hookup. Everything I pasted was either in use or it looked like someone had taken a drill to the socket holes and stretched they to the point were everything just fell out. I continued down the corridor and continued to encounter stretched out holes. I started to think that the airport had done this on purpose until finally, I came across an available outlet that appeared to be in working order because one of the outlets was in use and the other was free.

I plopped down uncomfortably close, next to a fellow Geek, hastily unpacked my Mac Book, let the magnetic power code snap into place; and guided my power code thankfully into the waiting outlet. It slide in and out of the outlet. WTF, I tried again with the same in out result. Flipped the cord upside down and still it would stay in. Damn, this outlet’s holes were also to big for my plug. A quick check of my fellow Geeks connection finally reviled to me the problem. All the outlets that I had found, were stretched to fit PC power adapters only. Foul!

Salvation came in the form of a PC docking station area with proper outlets. Finally plugged in with only 30 minutes to go before my connecting flight, my Mac Book was getting charged. One final side note, were a lot of airports charge for it, some are giving wifi connections away for free. You can get it for free in Phoenix and Salt Lake City.


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