Thanksgiving canceled

Did anyone besides me miss the memo explaining why Thanksgiving was canceled this year? I mean, I always knew it would come to this, just look at how we’ve been treating Thanksgiving over the past few years. Surely you noticed it too? How Halloween and Christmas just kept getting closer and closer, crowding out poor old forgotten Thanksgiving until it was completely gone.

Like most of you, this is a busy time of the year for my family. I live in a houseful of Scorpios and our birthdays are mostly bunched between Halloween and Thanksgiving, so we are out with the masses; shopping early (I hate shopping). That’s when I first noticed the cancellation of Thanksgiving. Most major outlet displays were going from Jack-o-lanterns to Elves. Being somewhat punch-drunk from the whole 1108443.jpgshopping experience, it took me a few outings to notice the Turkey was missing. Where was that Turkey getting the Presidential pardon? OK, maybe GW will still spare some bird’s neck form the chopping block, but have you seen the Turkey with the Pilgrim’s hat advertised anywhere?

Less we forget here’s a brief summary of Thanksgiving; Pilgrims from England were on their second try of establishing a Massachusetts settlement in the New World. The first had starved to death and this second lot wasn’t fairing much better. Lucky for them, they were aided by a Native American named Squanto, who taught them how to catch eel, grow corn, and many other survivor skills. In 1621, after their first big harvest, the Governor of Plymouth invited the Wampanoag nation to feast that is now mostly represented by Thanksgiving. Officially, President George Washington signed into law, Thanksgiving in 1789 in recognition of God’s providence in the events of our nation.

If Washington thought it was a big deal, who the hell canceled it? I’m guessing “Big Business.” They just don’t make enough money on Thanksgiving. During Halloween, they make a butt-load of money on all the Freddy Kruegers, Dick Cheneys, and Mr Eds that scare kids while drinking zombies. Christmas is so commercialized that we don’t even call it Christmas anymore; that leaves Thanksgiving as the weakest link and this year it just got voted off the Island.

Don’t kid yourself this year when you are eating that big Thanksgiving meal and sitting stuffed in front of the TV; trying to stay awake and watch a Bowl Game. They are just fattening you up for the new holiday, the Thanksgiving Big Business replacement, Black Friday.


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