Sacrifices from the Old Guard

We are a proud people and our pride shines brightest to the rest of the world when we speak of our Forefathers. Form the founding fathers to the greatest generation, our chests swell with pride when we recite their sacrifices and selflessness in protecting our way of life and standing up for the average Joe.

Nor are we blind to the appalling crimes against humanity that have been committed by our Nation. Many of our Forefathers spoke out against these acts from George Washington upon his death, freeing his slaves, to Lincoln, to LBJ sacrificing the democratic support from southern voters by signing the Civil Rights Act of 1964.


When the constitution and our way of life were threaten from within, these men stood at the vanguard and sacrificed their political careers to do the right thing. And now our generation is facing threats from within and the question is; are the political leaders of today willing to make the same sacrifices? It’s their turn to stand at the vanguard and if need be, sacrifice their political careers to protect our way of life from the threats within.

John Warner, Hillary Clinton, Alan Specter, Barack Obama, Olympia Snowe, Joe Biden, Richard Lugar, Harry Reid, Chuck Hagel, Byron Dorgan, Bernie Sanders, and Lindsey Graham, it is time that you stand-up against this administration and stop this assault on our constitution. Hasn’t our great nation suffered enough? Haven’t you noticed our world standing sliding to the bottom of free speech, human rights, voter rights, education, health care, national debt and trade deficits? Can’t you see you are being played for a fool?

As you sit indecisive in your actions Nancy Pelosi and John Boehner, the world around us is spiraling into chaos. Put all options back on the table and run the government by the books, with the checks and balances of each branch of government in place. Your greatest asset is the power of the purse. Use it.

Everyday American families, neighbors, co-workers, and friends sacrifice life and limb because our nation has called upon their service. They answered and now they need you, their Senators and Congresspersons to fight at the vanguard for them against this administration. It is your responsibility to make sure they can return home to the democracy they left.


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