Hell Freezes Over – Cheney to be Impeached?

The day started like most, Dennis “the Elf” Kucinich was pushing his Dick “Darth Vader” Cheney impeachment papers and Nancy “get that off my table” Pelosi was politely rejecting it.

But Dennis had asked extra nice today and said if they voted it up or down within the next two days, he may drop the hold thing.


Nancy set Steny “the hound dog” Hoyer to the task and he quickly accepted and moved to vote to table the whole thing. The intent was to show they supported Dennis, but kill it and take it off the table. The vote proceeded as planned with the majority of Republicans and most Democrats voting to table the whole Darth Vader impeachment thing. And then it happened, Hell froze over.

It’s not certain if John “don’t make me cry again” Boehner was drunk or just felt like sticking it to the Democrats, but he decided to vote in favor of impeachment. The word quickly spread on the right side of the aisle and all the Republicans switched their votes to impeach their Republican Vice President. The world has truly gone mad because the majority of Democrats voted not to impeach and the majority of Republicans voted to impeach. The final vote was 218 to 194, to send the resolution to the Judiciary Committee!

Did we just see the Republican Party throw the VIP under the bus? Some would only wish. It’s more like we are watching a poorly played game of chess. The Republicans are looking to shame the Democrats for bringing this up in “a time of war.” But, they may have miscalculated because Vader only has a 9% approval rating. No one likes him and most, on both sides want to see him gone. The vote now moves to committee and we will just have to see what happens next week.


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