Dead Air

In the coming days and weeks there will be many questions asked about the President’s new plan for Iraq. Although the majority of Americans are against it (61%), many of us will support it. Those that support and oppose this so-called new plan will both agree that we can not and will not let those brave soldiers and marines and sailors and airmen that have given their lives to this struggle, scarifies be in vain. Their gentle souls are Angels that walk among us now, still providing emotional comfort when we think of their love and pride for this country. Not even death can take away the honor they have bestowed upon our great nation. Now it is our turn to pay homage to these true patriots and stop this madness. We are a stronger nation because of their sacrifices and now it is time that we become a smarter nation. There is no military solution in Iraq, there is no military solution in Iraq. So why does the President want to send more troops into a no win situation?

It is my belief that the President is now sending Americans into harms way to protect his legacy. Many will find this hard to believe, but those same people believed that of President Clinton. In their eyes he only took action to protect his image, his legacy. I do not believe this of Clinton, but I have no doubt at this point in time, this is true of Bush. What is left for us to do in Iraq? Saddam is dead, the Iraq people have voted and elected a Government. Now it is time for them to govern themselves.

Would you be willing to go next door and ask your neighborhood to fight in Iraq? Could you ask your son or daughter or brother or mother or father or sister to go and fight and die in Iraq? That’s what the President is asking of us. And for what? Weapons of mass destruction, cheaper gas, Al-Qaeda, overthrowing Saddam Hussein Abd al-Majid al-Tikriti, to hunt down and kill Abu Musab al-Zarqawi? President Bush could have completely shut me up if he would have come out and said; “in January 2001 Navy Secretary Richard Danzig’s changed the status of Lt. Cmdr. Michael Scott Speicher from “killed in action” to “missing in action” in Iraq. Additional troops are needed to find Lt. Cmdr. Speicher. Dead or alive, we will bring him home”. Where is Lt. Cmdr. Michael Scott Speicher Mr President?

It is time for Bush, to for once in his life, take responsibilities for his actions. It is time to end this madness and start the healing process for our nation. Many of us heard many things in the Presidents speech. Some heard hope and promise and commitment and courage and leadership. All I heard was dead air.


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