Arthur Finkelstein, Looks Like Someone Has Mommy Issues?

Stopping Hillary before she starts
Although the senator denies any interest in the presidency, she’s becoming the No. 1 target of the right’s attack machine.

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By David Teather

April 12, 2005 | NEW YORK —

She has yet to declare any intention of running for president, but the long shadow of Hillary Rodham Clinton over American politics has already prompted Republicans to train their sights on the former first lady. Republican strategist Arthur Finkelstein is reportedly raising $10 million for a political action committee called Stop Her Now. He aims to prevent Clinton’s reelection to the Senate next year, and ultimately thwart any bid she makes for the White House.

Stop Her Now is a “527” advocacy group, similar to the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth group, which helped to undermine Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry in last November’s election. The groups began to emerge last year after campaign funding reform prevented donors from giving unlimited sums directly to political parties.


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