Letter From Dean – Must Win Wisconsin….

From: “Gov. Howard Dean M.D.” Save Address | Headers
To : Orlando
CC :
Date : Thu, 05 Feb 2004 01:42:21 -0500
Subject : Win Wisconsin


Dear Orlando,

We must launch our new television advertisement on Monday in the major markets in Wisconsin. To do that, I need your help to raise $700,000 by Sunday. Please contribute $200 today so that we can reserve the air time:


We will get a boost this weekend in Washington, Michigan and Maine, but our true test will be the Wisconsin primary. A win there will carry us to the big states of March 2-and narrow the field to two candidates. Anything less will put us out of this race.

All that you have worked for these past months is on the line on a single day, in a single state. We have come so far to change our political process and restore our democracy-we can’t stop now. Your $200 contribution will allow us to get out our message onto the airwaves, and win Wisconsin. Please contribute now:


Thank you,

Governor Howard Dean, M.D.


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