Blog for America – Forward!

Blog for America: “Forward!
You did it!
You met and exceeded all expections. ”

You did it!

You met and exceeded all expections.

Last night, the governor asked you to raise $700,000 for ads in Wisconsin, which we needed raised by Sunday. You blew out the top, you raised the rafters, you cracked the bat and broke the goal, you showed how strong and deep and powerful you are — 10,197 of you contributed and filled the Win Wisconsin bat to the brim, raising $711,595.

As Roy said tonight, “you sent the strongest response: We WILL win Wisconsin, and then we’ll catapult into the biggest states with the momentum to carry us to the nomination.”

And that was at 6 PM, before you brought in another $200,000!

It’s already your best fundraising day of the year. You beat the record set during the September to Remember. You broke all kinds of records, too, setting the record for the second biggest fundraising day of the year, bringing in new people, showing your deep, powerful will. And you re-energized all of us to work harder, do more, stay later and fight harder — to dig down to our deepest reserves and fight for the future of the country.

You just put $700,000 on the air in Wisconsin, the state the Governor must and will win.

Now, let’s put $700,000 on the ground. We’re going all-out in Wisconsin, and that means being on the air AND building the strongest field operation on the ground.

We doubled the bat — you’ve got Dean on the air, now can you get us on the ground?

Wisconsin’s state motto is “Forward!”

Si, Se Puede!

Posted by Zephyr Teachout at 11:01 PM


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