The Real Story

Here�s the real story on Monday night � the one the press still hasn�t told.

I�ve been around campaigns for a long time. On most campaigns, if you come in third in Iowa with 18% and you go to the after party, you�re lucky to find 4 people there. Most every one by the time it�s over has left to find another party and another campaign.

But on Monday night Howard Dean walked in to the ballroom in Des Moines and there were 3500 people there. And the energy was higher than most victory parties I�ve been to.

The Governor looked out at the room and saw 3500 people who had come from all across the country because they believed in changing their country and he wanted them to know how proud he was of them and their efforts. And he wanted them to know that we�re going on no matter what.

He wasn�t thinking about the cameras. It was the people right in front of him who had done so much because they believe in a better America that he was speaking to.

That the press would report on his speech for one day is understandable. But what�s remarkable is that they could run it over and over for 48 hours and still call it journalism. The State of the union took place. The next day we find out that Bush plans to ask for $40 billion more for his war in Iraq. But what do they run over and over again?

We�re going to fight back in New Hampshire. We�re getting our message out. I�ve been reading your comments on the blog and the forum and your emails and the dedication you�re showing now is what is going to win this.

Howard Dean has the courage, integrity and record of leadership to win the nomination and defeat George W. Bush in November. Contribute what you can to help us win New Hampshire. Come here to volunteer. Together we are going to take our country back.

Joe Trippi
campaign manager
Dean for America


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