Winners and Losers�.

Last night produced some surprise winners and my guy came up short. Although 3rd is not bad, we wanted to win outright and leave with the Winner�s big-mo. But, we will take 3rd and the ticket it gives to New Hampshire. The obvious winners were the two Johnnies, Kerry and Edwards. I have to admit they put on some impressive showings. Kerry rose from the dead like a Vampire, sucking off a lot of Dean and Gephardt supporters, and Edwards wheeled and deal as good as my hero Bubba Clinton. Kerry is back in the race and Edwards is a real player now. Throw Clark in the mix and New Hampshire will be a show to watch. Despite all this, the real winners were the democratic voters! Iowan Democrats came out in force (110K) compare to the last election�s cycle (60K). That�s great news for us because if these turnout trends continue, our base will be so psyched that any of the noted Candidates will be Bush. I am still a Deannie, but I hope the Democrats kick and fight it out until the Convention because the crowds will grow bigger and bigger and guest what? There are more democrats than republicans. A big voter turnout means a big win to us in November.


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