On the Bottom Line, Mr. Dean Is a Success (washingtonpost.com)

On the Bottom Line, Mr. Dean Is a Success (washingtonpost.com): “While President Bush’s money machine is far outpacing even his own record-breaking run for the presidency in 2000, what should be emphasized is that Howard Dean is the only Democrat positioned to compete head-to-head with the Republican fundraising apparatus.
Had Mr. Dean’s campaign accepted federal matching funds and the associated spending caps, he would be limited to spending $44 million during the primary season — a season that lasts until the party conventions this summer. But Mr. Dean has already raised $41 million, without taking matching funds.
All of the other Democrats — with the exception of Sen. John F. Kerry, who has also opted out but has now resorted to raising cash through personal loans and mortgages — would be severely handicapped by these spending limits in a race against an incumbent with an almost unlimited cash reserve.
Howard Dean’s bottom-up campaign has challenged a lot of the assumptions about running for the presidency. There’s no reason to believe Mr. Dean can’t continue to surprise us when it comes to fundraising.
Chester Springs, Pa. “


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