HoustonChronicle.com – Bush shoots quail, eats beef at lunch

HoustonChronicle.com – Bush shoots quail, eats beef at lunch: “CRAWFORD — President Bush opened the new year by shooting quail in South Texas and reassuring consumers that federal officials are taking the right steps to prevent the spread of mad cow disease.
The president, who bagged five of the birds and apparently missed others during an outing with his father, said he had beef at lunch and suggested other Americans should do the same.
Bush said the Agriculture Department rules outlined early this week were designed ‘to make sure the food supply is safe’ after an infected cow was found in Washington state several days before Christmas.
Two dozen countries have banned U.S. beef since the discovery, pushing down cattle prices by nearly 20 percent.
‘I ate beef today, and I’ll continue to eat beef,’ the president said before flying back to his ranch in Crawford.
Bush spent the morning hunting quail with his father, former President Bush, members of his staff and Nancy Brown Negley, the daughter and heir of George S. Brown, the founder of the Brown & Root Construction Co. Bush said he, his father and Negley “knocked down some birds” while walking her El Tule Ranch near Falfurrias. I think I shot five,” well within in the daily 15-bird limit, Bush said.”

I thought good hunters ate what the shot? Plus, isn’t it kinda funny Bush Sr. enjoys shooting Quaile?


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