U.S. Forces Repel Ambush, Kill 11 (washingtonpost.com)

U.S. Forces Repel Ambush, Kill 11 (washingtonpost.com): “By Rajiv Chandrasekaran
Washington Post Foreign Service
Wednesday, December 17, 2003; Page A37
BAGHDAD, Dec. 16 — U.S. troops repelling an ambush in the town of Samarra killed 11 Iraqis on Monday, then returned Tuesday and captured more than 70 suspected insurgents, military officials said.
Meanwhile, protests against the capture of former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein flared in the northern city of Mosul and for the second day in Fallujah, a center of resistance activity to the west of Baghdad. In Hussein’s home town of Tikrit, a roadside bomb wounded three U.S. soldiers.

In Samarra, 70 miles north of Baghdad, a patrol from the Stryker Battalion of the 2nd Infantry Division was driving through the city Monday afternoon in their 19-ton Stryker armored vehicles when soldiers noticed a large flock of pigeons take flight, the military said.

Moments later, the soldiers were attacked by two men on a motorcycle, who then took cover behind a group of schoolchildren. Because of the children, the military said, the soldiers limited their fire and the attackers escaped.

A short while later, the same patrol was attacked in rapid succession by two roadside bombs, automatic-weapons fire, rocket-propelled grenades and mortar fire. In the ensuing fight, the Americans killed 11 of their attackers, according to a military spokesman.

No U.S. soldiers were wounded in the attack, and their Stryker vehicles, deployed in Iraq only a few weeks ago to protect troops from such assaults, were undamaged, the military said. “


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