Howard Dean is no George McGovern – Bill Press, WorldNetDaily

As a candidate, McGovern was as far left as you could get on any issue. He not only opposed U.S. policy in Vietnam, which many Americans were beginning to question. He advocated legalization of marijuana, cutting the defense budget and amnesty for all war deserters.

And then, as icing on the cake, he proposed a guaranteed annual income for all Americans, whether they looked for a job or not. Add the fact that the media conveniently buried any news about Watergate until after the election and it’s a wonder McGovern even carried Massachusetts.

Compare that Keystone Cops operation with the well-oiled Dean machine. They are night and day. Howard Dean has run the most effective and impressive campaign in modern politics. He was the first to challenge President Bush on both the war in Iraq and the economy.

He has raised more money than any other Democrat, mainly on the Internet, and he is the only Democrat who can match Bush’s expected $200 million budget. He has recruited more volunteers. And he has surged to the lead in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Florida and other key battleground states.

Plus, Dean never was, nor is today, as far left as McGovern. As governor of Vermont, he balanced the budget every one of his 11 years. He refused to raise income taxes. He supported the death penalty. And he received a “triple A” rating from the NRA. Some liberal.

Even on war, Dean is no extremist. He supported Desert Storm and the war in Afghanistan. On Iraq, he said simply there was no evidence that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction or was a threat to the United States, and that, in order to be legitimate, Desert Storm 2, like Desert Storm 1, should be fought under the flag of the United Nations. History has already proven him correct on both counts.

So let the White House try. Any effort to paint Howard Dean as George McGovern is bound to fail � and well could backfire. Once they start to “McGovernize” Dean, Democrats will start “Hooverizing” George Bush. It’s true. Bush is the first president since Herbert Hoover to end his first term with more Americans out of work than when he began.

It also reminds me of 1992, when the first President Bush’s advisers guffawed about the former governor of a third-rate state whose budget was smaller than Wal-Mart’s. They said they didn’t have to worry about him, either. Today we still call him President Clinton.


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