Bush: Halliburton Must Pay for Overcharge – ABC News

? President Bush said Friday that Vice President Dick Cheney’s former company should repay the government if it overcharged for gasoline delivered in Iraq under a controversial prewar contract.

“If there’s an overcharge, like we think there is, we expect that money be repaid,” the president told reporters when asked about the Halliburton contract controversy. Pentagon auditors say the company charged up to $61 million too much for delivering gasoline to Iraqi citizens under a no-bid contract to rebuild Iraq’s dilapidated oil industry. Halliburton denies overcharging.

Meanwhile, an Army spokesman disclosed that companies from France, Germany, Russia and Canada won’t be eligible to replace Halliburton as the recipient of the oil reconstruction contract when it is opened for bidding.

At first we were told the reasoning why these countries where excluded were for security issues. Say what? We share one the world’s largest borders with Canada, who has also spilled blood with and for us, and we trust more in ex-USSR countries. My God, Canada helped us win World Wars and now this selected government is snubbing them? Let’s just pray we don’t need them soon again to fight the next World War….


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