Four More for Gore? (washingtonpost.com)

Four More for Gore? (washingtonpost.com): “Four More for Gore?

By Howard Kurtz
Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, December 11, 2003; 8:09 AM
I’ve got it!
With every armchair journo-psychiatrist trying to figure out why Al Gore descended from his almost-president throne to endorse Howard Dean, I’ve cracked the case.
Some say he’s getting back at Bill Clinton (remember all the media pscyho-babble about their troubled relationship in 2000?)

Some say he’s positioning himself for ’08 (if Dean loses and he inherits the Dean Wing) or ’12 (if Dean wins).

Some say it’s an attempt to block Hillary, or a slap at Lieberman for being too centrist, or a desperate longing for the spotlight, blah blah blah.

But here, according to my crystal ball, is what Gore really wants: to be Dean’s running mate.

Think of the ads: A vice president we won’t have to train!

Al Gore � He knows what it takes to be Number 2!

Tanned, rested and ready to hit the ground running!

A heartbeat from the presidency � he’s been there, done that!

You scoff? Gore brings to the ticket a southerner (maybe he’ll help carry Tennessee this time), a Washington insider (D-St. Albans), someone who knows how to make a convention speech. And he’s already got the Alpa-male wardrobe.

All right, maybe that’s a fantasy. But so is much of the mind-reading journalism being churned out about the Gore move.

Andrew Sullivan calls the Gore nod “a Very Big Deal. Above all, it reveals the real struggle within the Democratic Party. In 2000, Gore broke decisively with Clinton and the center. Some say this was pure expediency or just Shrummery. I actually think it was genuine. Gore has emerged in these last few years as a real left-wing populist. He wants to soak the corporations, enlarge the welfare state, raise taxes and stand up for minority civil rights. He’s also a Bush-hater for understandable personal reasons. A man who has spoken for MoveOn is a natural Dean supporter and his endorsement, when you think about simply the issues, is an obvious one. ”

These guys are just flipping coins and guessing about why Gore endorsed Dean? Well, here’s my guess; Gore has just secured his next job, Democratic Party Chairman! Think about it, the President gets to pick the Chairman of the party and guess who President Dean will pick?


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