Why Dean?

I maintain a blog (www.leftletters.blogspot.com) and recently one of my readers asked why I am such a big supporter of Howard Dean. Why Dean? That is a great question, not only is it straightforward and to the point, it is a question I would like everyone to asked himself or herself. I support Howard Dean because I to want my Party and Country back. Many of you now are saying, �wait a minute lefty, and America has not been invaded and taken over. People like you enjoy the freedoms our brave service men and woman provide and then you spit on their patriotism, same on you�. That�s about right, right? That�s what the Ditto-Heads are saying and they are dead wrong.

Unlike most of them, I have served and in the military (20+ years) and have earned the right to fully and freely criticize our government. Although military service is not required to have the right to criticize, it does show that I talk-the-talk and walk-the-walk. What�s that, all I heard now is silent from the ditto-heads�

Howard Dean has the fire in his belly to dethrone this �Selected President�. The one-hit star Democratic Leadership Counsel does not like Dean. Dean the politician has yet to be defined and thus has the greatest chance of growing into a presidential candidate that appeals to the base and the independents. These are the reasons why I support Howard Dean and this is why he will be President Dean.


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