CNN.com – Inside Politics

CNN.com – Inside Politics: “In yet another sign that he’s the uncanny beneficiary of good timing, Howard Dean is well poised to change the ’04 Dem debate again today, this time to a topic far more flattering to him than whether he’s a racist or is flip-flopping on campaign spending caps. The topic du jour: the Service Employee International Union’s very, very likely (but still NOT official) decision to back Dean.

Union officials bent over backward to emphasize that the endorsement is NOT a done deal until President Andy Stern meets with the board today at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel. Nonetheless, Stern has already said the board won’t be considering any other ’04 Dems, so Dean should benefit regardless of its decision, if only because he won’t spend another day wrapped in the Confederate flag. On the other hand, given the week he’s had already, a ‘no endorsement’ vote could prompt a few weekend articles heralding Dean’s demise. “


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