Real Patriots

While so many Politicians were run out of town like rats fleeing the tall grass in front of Isabel, the government packed-up and closed down the Capital so they wouldn�t get a little wet, a sea of flag waving patriots running from a little rain (well ok, a hurricane).

Isabel flushed Washington clean of all the fake Patriots, leaving only the true believers. One government office didn�t close. In fact, this office never closes. It�s open 24/7 and the personnel are never late, absent, or away from their Post. They simple are the best and the most patriotic government employees in Washington DC. They are the Guards of the �Tomb of The Unknown.� Fact is, they were told to stand-down, leave their post and seek shelter. They declined and remain at their post, keeping a tradition that was started in 1913 going, protecting this most sacred ground, The Tomb of The Unknown.


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