The Price of Freedom

Like me, I am sure most of America is trying to get over the sticker shock of the price for Freedom, $87 billions and counting. Wow, and that�s not even for our freedom. $87 billion more needed and I am sure this is a low-balled estimate. Or is this really the price of freedom? I think not. Freedom can only be bought and paid for with our votes. Votes that so many brave men and women have (and continue to) sacrificed blood and souls to ensure we maintain our right to choose our leaders. Weather by fate or destiny, our country is at an apex and the next vote(s) we cast will set us on a path of change and challenges.

With the entire world watching us in California, we must rise to the challenge and make our voices heard and our votes count. Do we throw the rascals out or let them stay and make them do the job we hired them to do? Don�t be fooled, this recall will cost much more than $25 plus million dollars we do not have, it will costs us time, effort, and attention that could be sent elsewhere. Anyway, is it me or did we not just do this voting thing 9 months ago?

I for one, plan to let the fires that have been stirred by this recall kindle and energize me to get out the vote for my presidential candidate, Howard Dean. I hope you take the time and do the same for whom ever you support. Many heroic men and women have given their life to insure we can vote, don�t disappoint them, vote.


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