European and Pacific Stars & Stripes

European and Pacific Stars & StripesI�m assigned to the 442nd Quartermaster Company of Bellefont, Pa. Our current assignment is Baqubah, Iraq. I don�t understand why our living conditions are so poor. At Camp Anaconda, which is about 35 minutes away, there�s everything a soldier needs, from a huge post exchange to air-conditioned sleeping areas and morale, welfare and recreation tents.

Our PX building in Baqubah is about 40 feet long by 20 feet wide. Its shelves are usually empty. There�s usually a limit on darn near everything. My fellow soldiers and I purchased a window air conditioner due to the runaround we kept receiving from the 204th Forward Support Battalion to whom we�re attached.

Why is there such a difference in living conditions from one camp to the next? We�re all in Iraq. Each one of us could lose our lives as easily as the next. All that I�m saying is that the living conditions should be the same.

Spc. T.G.
Baqubah, Iraq

Why are living conditions so poor that Soilders are force to buy Air Conditioners with their own money?


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