European and Pacific Stars & Stripes

European and Pacific Stars & StripesThere�s nothing more entertaining to me than reading a letter that a grown man with a weapon has written that�s openly whining for all the world to read. I mean, who needs air conditioning, ice cream and the Internet when there�s so many complainers out there?

My four months of deployment have flown by thanks to all the free entertainment. If I�d had the chance to see Kid Rock, a Playboy bunny and Arnold, I�d have stayed in my hooch just to read the letters.

The writers are funny, even the writer of the letter �No phones, Internet� (July 23) with all of his demanding. I thought that was hilarious. Good luck on those phone calls, letter writer! He could always come to Camp Warhorse in Ba�qubah and play �dodge the mortar� or �rocket propelled grenade hide and go seek.� Now that�s quality entertainment.

I wish all the writers the best of luck. I�m surviving this ordeal. I couldn�t care less about the Internet and ice cream.

Staff Sgt. J.C.C.
Ba�qubah, Iraq


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