No Quarters Asked No Quarters Given

Wiser men than you and I or perhaps some simpleton cowpoke once said, �It’s not the size of the dog in the fight it’s the size of the fight in the dog.� Actually, Mark Twain said it and Conservatives should keep this thought in mind as they try in vain to ignore, marginalize, and discount the shear tenacity that is Howard Dean.

The Dean Machine is building up a full head of steam and aiming to mow down the competition straight to the White House. As momentum builds, his message is taking on a smash-mouth tune and it is obvious that no quarters will be asked and no quarters will be given. His destiny is the Presidency or bust. And that my friend is the only way GW can be beat.

For those of us how are paying attention to this historical grassroots movement, it is obvious that Dean is not going to concede a State, a City, nor a District to GW. Already he has taken the fight to Bush�s backyard, Texas. He�s run TV ads, held rallies, and raised money write down the road from were Bush sleeps. Dean is defiantly having a �Sleepless Summer.� Now, Dean plans on keeping the heat on by running TV ads in Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Washington state and Wisconsin. Oh, lets not forget the earlier TV ads he ran in Iowa, New Hampshire and Texas. To tally these numbers up for you, that�s 9 states with ads (not to mention the free air-time from the major news networks) and 331,000 people signed-up as supporters on his web site. And all this before the first primary was held.

Man, what is happening to my blog. It’s turning into an “All Things that are Dean” blog. But that actually makes sense because for me Dean is a reaction to Bush. Go Dean Go!


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