Newsday.com – For Dean, The Net Is Working

Newsday.com – For Dean, The Net Is Working: “Click by click, high school English teacher Sherry Stanley is working to help Democrat Howard Dean meet the tough requirements to get on Virginia’s presidential ballot.

Through an e-mail list, she found dozens of Dean supporters in her state who helped get hundreds more to sign petitions. For the petition drive, she publicized launch parties on the candidate’s Web site, where such events are listed by ZIP code proximity.

Stanley is on her way to getting the 10,000 signatures needed to qualify in a state the Dean camp says would otherwise have been a close call for lack of money and staff.

Like no other political candidate, the former Vermont governor has used the grassroots power of the Internet to surge to the top tier of the Democratic presidential pack.

The Dean campaign’s Internet fluency has enabled it to reach out to voters who feel disenfranchised, to persuade them to donate, and, perhaps most important, to encourage and co-opt independently organized projects by supporters like Stanley. ”

The internet continues to power the Dean Machine. With alittle help from his friends (teachers and sudents in this case), Dean has gain a foothole in a state that was going to be left for dead. Now, he will have a great chance at winner it during “Super Tuesday”. Go Howard Go…


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