Dean Zounds #3 – Blog for America

Blog for America

Two quick ideas.

1) Here in Seattle today Dean supporters decorated a fairly popular sculpture called “Waiting for the Interurban” (full size sculptures of people waiting fot the bus) with Dean tee shirts, balloons and signs. (people often decorate this sculpture so its okay)

As people drove by they were all slowing down. People across the street were pointing at it and there was a general buzz of interest in the air.

2) The same weekend that Dean is coming to town there is going to be an anti-graffiti campaign in downtown Seattle and a number of us are trying to coordinate a team so that we can do some community service just prior to Dean’s speech at Westlake.

Ideas are simple to come up with. We aren’t invovled in our community because of the campaign we are simply involving the campaign in our community because collectively as a nation we can always accomplish more than any one of us can us can individually. Dr Dean is the doctor but we are his hands and feet and we are the ones who ultimately will heal this nation. The campaign has simply given us a community to call home.

Out here in Sunny Seattle we believe in trying to stay healthy and practice preventive health care both for ourselves and for our community. We only need the Doctor when something is broken or in this case when our democracy is ill and we need a transplant at the top.

So just keep doing the same things and living your lives as you always would but wear Dean for President tee-shirts and share your new lifestyle choice with your friends.

Posted by S.R., Seattle at August 16, 2003 08:41 PM

Just another example of how Deannies have absorted his campaign into a lifestyle. The momentum keeps on building.


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