Priorities Wrong

European and Pacific Stars & Stripes: “Priorities wrong

This is in response to the letter �Check priorities� (July 30). The writer was responding to the letter �No phones, Internet� (June 23), which was written by a GI complaining about conditions in Iraq.

Maybe the writer of �Check priorities� should check his own priorities. It�s because of GIs coming home in caskets that every soldier out there should have every possible comfort. Should these guys risk their lives and then have to just grin and bear it?

The writer of �No phone, Internet� knows that every day he can leave his base and die. He wants to speak with his family as much as possible because it might literally be his last chance. The writer of �No phone, Internet� has his priorities straight. He went to Iraq to defend his family. But he was duped into a war to defend his family from a country that wasn�t even a threat to its neighbors. Now he�s out there playing bullet magnet in an utter madhouse of a country to accomplish what? Where�s the Sept. 11, 2001, connection? Where�s the weapons of mass destruction?

Before the war protesters said they supported the troops but not the war and that our soldiers should stay home. Now when I hear all of this �shout down anyone who doesn�t pull the party line� talk, I can only think that the protesters were right.

I have an idea. Why don�t all the people who supported the war and the troops get guns, get on a plane and show the whiners in Iraq how it�s done? If they�re all so tough and can take it, they should prove it.

I support our troops. When the threat is real, then I�ll gladly support them and the war they fight in any way possible, including listening to their complaints and �misplaced� priorities.

This war is a sham. It was set up on shabby intelligence and had poor post-war planning. The servicemembers out there are real. They aren�t the problem. They�re professionals. The writer of �Check priorities� supports the troops? Then he should treat them like it and get his priorities straight. The writer should give up some of his comforts and do what he can for our troops outside of shouting them down when they have legitimate complaints.

C. L.
Ramstein Air Base, Germany”


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