European and Pacific Stars & Stripes: “They ask all the time, �When are we going home, sergeant?� I say with a smile, �When everyone�s free!� It�s hard to give an answer to something I don�t know. It�s even harder to tell a young mother who just returned from a six-month deployment in Afghanistan and has deployed again that her baby will remember her. Or telling a young man who�s been struggling to make his marriage work that his wife and children will be waiting for him. Or telling a young soldier, fresh from his mother�s grasp, that he�ll be visiting home soon. Or telling other soldiers with tons of bills that their checks will show up in the mail soon. But then again, none of us even knows when we�ll receive a postcard for at least one person in a unit of more than 150 soldiers.
Does all this matter? Receiving mail? Being told that we�re heroes or our families are heroes? Having a story about one�s unit published? Being able to make a phone call or even having access to the Internet? It all matters. Help me get my soldiers back to their safe haven of freedom. But until then, support us!

Sgt. T. R. B.
Camp Dogwood, Iraq”

I could blog all the troop mail from Stars and Stripes, but what good would it do? I need to get this mail to as many people as possible. Please take a moment and click on the Stars and Stripes link to the left to read how the troops are really dealing with this madness.


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