Watch My Left Hand Not My Right

Blog for America: “Dean Condemns Bush Administration Decision To Cut Soldiers’ Pay
DES MOINES, IA–Dean attacked President Bush’s misplaced priorities today and the continued disconnect between the Bush Administration’s rhetoric and reality.
‘I am becoming more and more concerned by the poor choices this Administration is making. As the President meets today with Marines at Miramar Air Station in San Diego, I encourage him to explain why his Administration will discontinue current levels of funding for imminent danger pay and family separation allowances to soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. Let�s be clear. Virtually every priority faced by our nation is placed behind this President�s obsession with tax cuts for those who need them least. As a result, we are now facing a ludicrous situation in which Vice President Cheney will reap a $116,000 per year tax windfall, and yet our soldiers–on extended deployments and tragically dying every day–are facing pay cuts of $225 a month. This Administration’s priorities are simply out of sync with the American people’s.’
Posted by Zephyr Teachout at 06:49 PM ”

Not much to say except Dean hit the nail right on the head. Also, I watched Bush’s speech to the troops and I must say I didn’t think the troops responses and applauds were that big for the Commander in Chief. Just maybe someone told them Bush is trying to cut their combat pay…


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