Terminating the Terminator

When we look at the Arnold, thoughts that do not come to mind are weak or defenseless. But, that is exactly the position he is going to find himself in. Why? Will the so-called left-wing media attack him relentlessly or will the vast right-wing conspiracy dig-up all the dirt they can find on him? The truth of the matter is mud will be flung from both sides. The Terminator�s problem is he is a Donkey wearing an Elephant�s jacket (ok, I kind of borrowed that from Al Sharpton). In other words, he is a Republican that supports Democratic views like abortion rights, gay unions, and immigration friendly policies. If only he were a true Democrat, he would win by a landslide. But he is not. He is a Republican from the almost forgotten far left-side (social) of the party, and seeing how Conservatives run that party, I think they will show Arnold as much love as they have shown John McCain.

With all that being said, where�s his base? Conservatives are going to vote Conservative, Democrats in the end will fall in-line and vote Democrat, and the Independents have Arianna Huffington. Lacking a true endorsement from the White House and after stabbing his good friend Richard Riordan in the back (although he did give Riordan $50K for his campaign), Arnold will have to share the Republican vote with a large assortment of challengers. Truth be said, neither Democrats nor Republicans have the voting power to carry the state; that fortune lies squarely in the hands of the Latino community and that is why the smart money is riding on the Lt. Governor (D), Cruz Bustamante.


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